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40th Anniversary of the War on Drugs - June 17th

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Friday, June 17th, marks the 40th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s declaration of a “War on Drugs.” To highlight the impact that the drug war has on communities around the world, more than a dozen SSDP chapters are organizing candlelight vigils in cities across the country.

Visit our vigil map to see if there is one near you. It's not too late to organize an event on June 17 in your city or on your campus, sign up to host a candlelight vigil here! If you cannot participate in one of the vigils, you can always show your support by making a donation here. We will also be posting live streaming video links on this page soon so you can watch them as they happen.

Sponsored by Students For Sensible Drug Policy
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Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
The war on drugs has been the biggest policy failure in finances and human life in the history of the planet.

:hmmmm: maybe royalty was a biggie along with organized religion but I've gotta agree its near the top.


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Based upon state and federal data for fiscal year 2011, every second that the page is open the Drug War Cost Clock registers another $1,716.77 that is spent by our government each and every second of every day, as a visual reminder of just how much of our money the government is wasting on a Drug War that has only resulted in an increase in the availability of drugs to our children, a significant increase in drug related violence and a severe reduction in our rights.

Drug War Cost Clock updated for 2011

You have to take into account the money spent by the government, the lives lost to the cartels and the loss of liberty for something as benign as Marijuana.
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