42 Year Old Bag Seed!

Congrats on one fine grow and one fine journal. Thanks for your service, I was in `Nam June `68- June `70. It`s unbelievable what you accomplished here. 42 yr old seed ? Sure wish I had seeds from all the weed I went through over there. Congrats again.

Peace & Great Growin`
Jimmy's in the member and nug of the month contest. Hope he does well.
Now im not gonna say who I voted for in the POTM, its probably against forum rules and maybe even bad form.

But its possible I voted for the "underDOG"
cool... Nam grass. The breeders may wanna check those out.... Seeds have been found in caves that were thousands of years old that have sprouted.
Howdy all,

Mutt, I didn't do clones because I wasn't ready, both knowledge wise and equipment wise but I do have more seeds and in fact I have 4 plants going now. They are just over 3" tall and I just transplanted them into the big pots. I will be starting a new journal soon since I am trying new things out that I learned on the first grow.

So where you at?
Hey brother, i e been lerking behind the scenes and just wanted to second what yooper stated above, it's amazing seeing such great results from 42 yr old seed, the story of where they came from really moves my heart. I wanna thank you for sharing this grow with us, and I'm taken back by your reserve with all that you must be going thru in your life, and for the sacrifice that you did for our country, I can only imagine how hard things were and the way you guys were treated for being there to protect us. God bless you brother.
Woooo Its been a while! Been a freaky couple of months in which life got ugly but got through it. As for the grows. I haven't been able to any more grows due to house construction, med problems and a lot of traveling. The last grow I had going ended up with a total of 18 oz from 4 plants which tickled me pink cause its such sweet and smokeable weed.

Hopefully I will be able to start a grow soon and will post a new grow blog.
Welcome back oldrthandirt. glad you made it through a hectic part of life and I hope to see more growing. 18 oz off 4 plants is amazing. Nicely done.
Glad you found your way back. Welcome and congrats on you harvest.

Peace & Great Growin`
10/13/12 update

Runt produced 4.33 ounces dry and Harriet 3.64. Mini got harvested and is now drying and I dont see where it will produce much dry since it was window raised but wild guessing about 2.5 ounces.


I even got a good word from the Mom in law. She was in the living room when we were smoking and she asked what tobacco I had going. When I asked her why she said, "You have the whole house smelling like licorice and vanilla." and she was right.

If you don't mind me asking, which one were you happiest with? Also, how did Runt and Harriet compare in quality? Was it worth getting less with Harriet for the quality or was it worse than Runt in both quality/quantity?
Re: 42 yr old bagseed!

OK to answer a couple of questions people have asked.

The grow box is made out of a 2x2" frameing lumber that is covered with 1/2" plywood and painted with flat white acrylic paint(I repaint or touch up after every grow after I clean it). It has a door on the front that opens the whole box because I'm getting to damn old to try to sit or lay on the floor to play with the plants. I stole an idea from a grow on here to make the lighting hood using a piece of vent(think it was Boss' idea) with 8 cfls under it using different light fittings. No I dont use MPS or HID lights because I'm cheap! and the cfls do the trick. I have 8 natural light bulbs rated at 6400 lumiens which provide 51200 lumien in the hood and 6 other cfls on the back of the box. These 6 are natural and cool white bulbs. Nothing scientific about the set up, just what works for me and gives me my results. My last grow was 2 bagseed plants that gave me 1.7 oz dry weight total. sorry no pics due to not having a camera.

My soil is a mixture of Fox Farms Ocean Forest, my own compost, Vermiculite and Perlite. My compost is made from (Hydrilla(a water weed), grass clippings, some cypress leaves(I like my compost tannic) and some veg table scraps along with a couple of handcufs of earth worms). I made a wood box that is on a set of legs. The box can be rotated to keep a good mix and rainwater can help keep the compost damp. I actually have 2 of these boxes so I have a constant supply for the grow and mine and my mom in laws flower beds.

I started using Fox Farms Grow Big a while ago for my flower beds and loved how it helped the plants so I just carried it over to my meds. Mostly for the Phosphates and Potash but also to bump up the castings.

My helper(added nutrients), I make a tea in a 5 gallon bucket which I add a couple of handfulls of my compost, about 1/2 gallon of rebrewed Liptons tea, literaly a pinch of Epsom salts, maybe a handful of worm castings, and if the PH isn't right, a little bit of lemon juice and fill about 3/4 way with water. This is set aside with a air bubbler for about 2 days. I stain the juice off and add this to my watering or use as a foliar spray near the end of the Veg stage. I've used this on all my plants for years not just the meds and have only burnt 1 plant when I screwed up and over watered it before a vacation. Nothing scientific about it, its just what Mom taught me and I learned over the years.

The seeds had been in storage in my brothers house and not the garage or attics so they were never subjected to extremes of heat or cold and were vaccumed packed inside of a old K-ration package(orginal packaging date on bag was 1954, I ate the food in 1970) I dont know if it was VN or Thai because we got what we got over there and usually cleaned it of sticks and stuff to roll it so it wasn't on sticks in the package I sent.

I was in the Navy in SE Asia but didn't step foot on a boat for the first 2 years I was there. Though stationed in Saigon I was rarely there.

I learned alot of what I know from my Mom and her Mother (who was an herbologist(spelling). I have a picture of my Grandmom in her backyard standing infront of her plants(MJ), which are about 5 foot tall. Sorry I won't post, to protect the innocent. Weed was legal back then and known as a medication.

Nope I dont mind answering question because that is how we learn.

I just found your grow journal, and I feel like groopie ;) Sir you are a inspiration! I'm about to just go finish reading this before we go pick up more meds at the collective in Valley Village. VERY inspirational. Love your style. Almost made it to Vietnam myself, thank god I was so picky and insisted in the Air Force (wanted to be a pilot so bad , was too young and they kept sending me away) and it was the last 6 months before it all came down. I love your giving thanks to mom and grandma, we all have learned so much from our ancestors, me from my grandparents !!
Re: 42 yr old bagseed!

i bet the buds will be far better than the weed you got them from,that has been my expirence , i have some of those same sqare pots from the dollar store they are pretty goood i had some pretty big moms in them and those power strips from homy dee lol its a small world ,i think you should try hard to hang on to those genetics you may have a landrace treasue there,i know i would be! did u get males or do you know yet?,anyway enough oral dysentary ,plants look great:thumb:

I totally agree with you, we humans we are much more active than bees, we tend to muck things up, by cross breeding too fast too much. bees are just laid back. I just finished watching the " Dutchmen" going to Columbia hunting for 3 landrace beauties, and spreading home made cuts. that to me is Dangerous. oh well just my opinion.

Dirt me too, on I hope you can grow seeds from all 4 of these plants and save them, as you have PURE landrace strains there my friend, uncorrupted by us humans.
Re: 42 yr old bagseed!

Thanks all for the info!!!!

BID, Buck, Thanks for the info. You both brought out info that I should have picked up on while researching the strain. I guess being buzzed while reading and playing with the plants isn't advizeable!!! I have started the plants on that interrupted dark schedule and will see how it goes.

BID, The ph on these plants has stayed right at 6.2 - 6.8 from the time I planted the seed. Soil stablization is a big deal for me, learned from growing roses and lilies. The Phos , Cal, and Mag are maintained with my feeding additive tea and I use the Foxfarms products only to suppliment the tea and only at 1/4 strenght so as not to jump those nutes too high(I hate burnt plants, why harm what you are trying to grow? You wouldn't give your child HGH so why try with your plants?). I routinely send samples of my soil to my states Department of Agriculture to get it tested and they all (4 times so far) come back with the same results.

I am trying super hard to maintain the breed and do realize the rarity of these seeds. So far, myself, my Dr(who is also a botanist) and my brother have or are trying to grow this set of seeds. I am wanting a male so bad so as to get some seed/pollen.

As for the box. I learned on here and during my previous grows that the darkness factor is rather important in growiing MJ indoors. Most people don't realize the amount of light pollution that goes on in their own homes from outdoor lighting(street light), computer modules(Many use LEDs in red and green), televisions, smoke detectors, even power strips and other appliances will display light so I chaulked all wire holes, weather stripped the door, sealed the floor and ceiling and sealed all vent holes.

If anyone has been wondering what has happened to Mini Monster. It is growing like mad! I guess its brush with death really freaked it out and it just needed some sun to get it back on track. I will post some pictures of it this weekend.

i'm still not at the end of this thread, so i don't know if any one has mentioned this to you OR if you know this already

How can I get my plants to produce feminized seeds?

making the silver collodial water is so simple, also there's a natural spray the name eludes me ( name sounds like SEARS to me, but will look for it. I have it booked marke at ebay or amazon) it also will take your female plants and you can make it give you pollen and then seeds. so you can preserve these genetics, and if you find a way to sell them, make a TON of money

ok finally found the spray - Tiresias Mist 1 oz ounce Grow Natural Feminized Seed Sprayer

tiresias ok it was tires and Sears I knew it reminded me of Sears and something I work with at work ;)
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