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420’s 4x4 Soil 315cmh EarlyMiss Grow Journal 2018


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Hello this is my first legal grow in Canada. Im starting this journal to document progress and pick up tips and tricks.
CKS Early Miss Auto Flower 5pk
Peat pucks ( do not use for autos)
ProMix HPCC in 3 Gal Root Pouchs
315cmh ballast running 4200k veg and 3100k for flower.
4x4x6 Mammoth Tent
4” Typhoon vent-100 BigAir MA416 Filter with 3speed control.
8” Ocilating Fan
BioThrive Grow 4-3-3 for veg
BioThrive Bud and Bloom for later
I started seeds as per CKS instructions with 100% success. My first mistake was putting germinated auto seeds in pucks. After about 3 days tap root was almost an inch long out the bottom of the puck... mild panic and immediately planted them into pre prepared 3gal pouches of promix i had been watering in preparation of transplant. Transplanted Nov30th they have been growing well yet slowly i might add compared to others but progressing all the same. Dec8th First nutes aprox 30% strength 1 liter per plant BioThrive Grow 4-3-3 i find 1 liter water every 2-3 days has been enough that waters not running thru yet soil is moist. 4 plants doing well pics to follow and a bit of drama with the runt i will share in another post im not giving up on it out of principle.
Thnx for reading till next time Grow Hard!!


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The Runt
Several days behind seed pod lodged to what should be its first leaves I decided to open things up. My lumpy fingers which may show themselves in future photos are simply not made for this kind of work. So I proceeded to pull gently only to have the pod come off and reveal 2 underdeveloped first leaves in a sick shade of white. Upon further inspection of what I thought was my first victim in the tent I noticed roots had started to develop. So i replanted what was left of the stem and root in hopes maybe a set of leaves could form and the runt could live. Based on close inspection I believe leaves are forming roots are feeding and this plant will live!! Thnx for reading till next time Grow Hard!!


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Runt continues to try and get a couple leaves started not sure what i can do for her but im thinkin shes gonna pull thru!!


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I lowered reduced my exaust fan to 1 hour every 3 hours to bring temps up a bit avg light on temp about 78-80 and moved circulation fan up a bit. I made these changes 12hrs ago and results seem positive now at day 13 i feel they are a bit behind but still headed in the right direction.


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Reminds me of Deadpool growing back his arm

Thats funny!! I liked the first Deadpool a bit better than the second definitely requires a bit of a twisted mind to enjoy them!!


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Day 16 EarlyMiss’s have started to come to life in the last few days. Ive decided to top them to keep canopy even and low will do minimal light training as req to keep things well lit. Seriously considering adding a second 315cmh to my 4x4 tent. 300$ Canadian online order gonna hold off till after Christmas but ive pretty much talked myself into it. Ill post pics shortly lights be back on in a couple hrs. Im running 20/4 light schedule notice plants really relax in the dark period compared to how they look when lights are on. I think its good for them. Heres a runt pic from yesterday im amazed these plants are tough!!

Grow Hard!!


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Fresh Pics Day 18



Definitely 5 diff plants from the same seed pkg... im looking fwd to seeing how these ladies play out in the coming months!


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Day 24 Growth has accelerated and plants are definitely starting their prebloom stretch. Youll see quite a difference in 1 weeks growth.

Runt seems to be coming around not sure how this stunted little beast will turn out only time will tell.
Merry Christmas to all!! Grow Hard!!


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Looking good!!!

Thnx! They are starting to have get a nice smell to them. Stretching and growing very fast right now i was worried early on they would never get started. Ill post more pics in a few days expecting them to flower soon then stretch a bit more!:yummy:


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Weasel, to Wade: "You look like an avocado had sex with an older, more disgusting avocado...not gently. Like it was hate-f*#king. There was something wrong with the relationship and that was the only catharsis that they could find without violence."
I had to get my googles on to recall that one! Great deadpool reference Advocate420 runt may never make happy smoke but atleast fills in as a running comedic relief while the other ladies make happy buds


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Hello everyone ive got some seemingly minor issues id like some advice on.


This lady always seemed taller than the rest and is flowering well ahead of the others all started on the same day. However she hasnt branched out like the others. Should i be pulling those bud branches out and down a bit to open her up to better light or let her grow?

Next issue

This plant which has been fed and watered same as the rest has some yellow tips still growing strong actually taller than the rest and i know she had a cold draft recently fixed that and 315cmh was less than 10” away which ive raised to about 13” now just wondering if i should be concerned?

Next issue yet another plant

Couple old lower fan leaves looking like this not issue with other plants seems just this one wondering what your thoughts are new growth seems unaffected?
Any and all opinions appreciated Thnx!!


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Day 35
Switched to Bloom nutes including Bloom 10ml BioBud 5ml Calmag 2.5ml per 4L this is about half max recommended strength used ph up to get 5.8/5.9 ph going into pot. 2 are farther along bloom wise than the other 2 proving autoflowers are individuals with a mind and timeline all their own. My fumbling early on and recently has im sure had an effect on maturing. However im happy with how this grow is going huge learning curve! btw ones a bit droopy i let them dry out before flush 1 dried a bit to much. From what ive read being to dry fixes itself far more quickly with less negative impact than being to wet. Heres some pics!


And last but not least well she is the least but trying to be the most she can be ive affectionately named her Wade. Poor wade has not progressed well at all. I have threatened to end her several times but can’t bring myself to do so. Happy New Year Everyone Grow Hard!!
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