420’s Unknown Mystery Clone Shed Grow


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Hey All
First journal here. Bit of background, I purchased some seeds last summer, Cinderella 99 (C99 Fast) and Amnesia Lemon fast (cross of Amnesia Haze & Lemon Skunk). Some mystery seeds came free in the order. Long story short, all of the seeds got mixed up and the labels that were on the first seeds I planted fell off. What a nightmare. I’ve harvested 2 plants so far and the buds and plants were distinctly different in shape and size, smell and flavour. One was citrusy smelling, Amnesia lemon I suspected and the other was diesel smelling so perhaps the Cinderella 99. I had 1 mystery seed that I germinated and it grew inti a male that I threw out as I’m not really sure about what to do with male plants yet. I have 1 original mystery “Mother” plant still vegging in the shed under 24/7 T5 lights. She’s been growing steadily for approximately 8 months. I took 2 clippings from Mother 2 days ago. I trimmed off the large leaves, cut the stems at 45 degrees and immersed them in a rooting gel for a few minutes. I planted them into some pre-moistened Promix HP in 1/2 gallon pots and put them under a dome. I misted the soil around the stems a bit more and lightly misted the leaves. Fingers crossed. So far they aren’t dead lol. If they take, in a week or 2 I’ll take them out of the dome and let them veg for another 6 weeks or so under a 110w led full spectrum light adjusting intensity as they grow. Then into my 4x4 tent under 1 of the 240w led’s. Here’s a few pics to get started. I’ll add more pics and details about my lights, nutrients, tent equipment etc as I go along. Hope I’m doing this journal correctly :)







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Day 3. The soil is still damp so I didn’t water or mist today. Removed the 1 large fan leaf I had left on Unknown Number 1. Seemed to be dragging her down. Unknown Number 2 doesn’t look as heavy with the extra leaf. We’ll see tomorrow. They’re not dead yet so 2 thumbs up. I have a new light on the way for my tent so my little MixJoy GL 1000 will be coming out to start covering these 2 shortly. Timing should work out and the little Unknowns should have increased lighting just in time.




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Day 7. I’ve spritzed the soil around the base of the plants only out as far as the leaf line twice.
Plant 1 is doing ok, turning quite green mind you and I’m not sure why. Anyone? But she feels sturdy in the soil.
Plant 2 I’m not too sure about. Started to droop a bit today. I’ve propped her up with soil around her. She feels weak though. Not too hopeful on this one. We shall see.




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I've never used promix, is it too strong for them maybe? I've got some in coco and some in soil, the ones in coco look better, my soil could be a bit 'hot' as those ones are slightly yellowish, but still standing so far. I know how it feels to have clones fail. Keep trying.
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