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Hey peepz... I am a natural born Ghanga Conneisuere, born swear to God, 4-20-75 4:20am... A natural born smoker, and well I have recently decided to test my thumb with my most beloved mary guaniuas... and well in my research, I came across this site. left a couple comments, asked a couple of questions and finally I've decided to join here thoroughly. I, as I just mentioned, am a first time gardener, and as well have some practice in cabinetry. I am in the process of constructing my first personal complete closet. I kinda had to, the garden I have, was accidentally germinated, believe it or not, by a cup of coffee. So instead of wasting almost a hundred seed, I started building, coincidentally, the plans I was almost finished with, the closet I am the process of constructing. I am a first time gardener, like I stated, and believe I will be able to learn alot here, I have already. I hope my blogs, or posts aren't to long, I am a writer as well. I do tend to type... lol. I look forward to meeting everyone. Hope you all stop by and say high and stay for a puff or two...

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Re: 420 Baby here...

Welcome to the forums of 420Magazine,
Thank you for joining the 420 mission to spread cannabis awareness…:high-five:

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Re: 420 Baby here...

Moooost definitly!!! thank you. I hope to learn alot here, and look forward to being apart of a home here, finally... lol. :tokin: So, I have posted some photos, and I am curious. Can you tell me if their males, or females?


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Re: 420 Baby here...

Welcome to 420, you landed at a great site. Everyone is very helpful and there is a lot of great information and ideas available.
Don't forget to enter and vote in the 420 contests, Plant of the Month, Nug of the Month and Member of the Month.


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Re: 420 Baby here...

Yea, that is why I decided to join here. This is the most informative and assistive site so far. I do hope to be a great part of a family here soon. Thank you for the post, and as soon as I can figure out where and how to get to the contests, I will definitely take a breeze through.


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I felt like sharing this. Thought it might be a better way to introduce myself, my "Mary"-way...

I am Me and if you seek to know more about Me, then Look for Me...
Forever may you search for Me... Yet, never shall you find Me...
And, until you search inside Me... will you ever Know Me...

...For, I am Me...
I am that stranger in the crowd.
I am that face you see everyday, yet,
...never to have even said, a simple hey, or hello to.

I am Me...
I can be the demon amongst devils;
I could be that spirit that controls souls;
...Ahriman, Belial; Samael,
...Zamiel, Satan, or even Mephistopheles himself.
For, after all I could even be Allah, ...Buddha, ...Jehovah, ...or Jah ...herself.

There may never be a way to tell, just who I am.
Unless and, until you go out of your way,
to find a way ...to find out who I am.

For, I am, ME!
The greatest there ever will be,
not because of my speed, nor my strength; my superior intellect;
not even my mentality or my one of a kind personality is it that makes ME unique.
But Me just being ME, makes ME anomalous and infamous.

Uniquely and Individualy.
Never has there been another anything like ME.
And, never will there be, ...anyone, ...anything, anything like ME.
There are those that maybe have resemblances of ME,
but no-wheres anything quite ...like ME.
For, I am ME...

I stand alone in a crowd. Yes.
I go out of my way to be unique. Yea!
I am ME!

For you to be you...that’s for you.
For ME to be ME, that's ME ...being ME, and that’s all that it takes for ME,
to be the Greatest of all eternity.
Can you say the same about yourself?
or do you still rely on someone else to define who you are?

I am Me, and that's all that can be said of Me, for now.

Matanuska Valley

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Cool... :yummy:

MV... :popcorn:
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