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That is quite thorough. I'm not even going to try to read it.
I saw one online that was complete, but I can't remember where.
about damn time *something* was made sticky
the only thing ive ever made sticky was my hand after jerking off.

im sorry, i had to say that.. i thought it was funny.
coreyb said:
"Skyhoot°: The Bong-Hitter has to stand up and quickly breathe in and out for 30 seconds (similar to hyperventilating) and once he takes a deep monster hit, someone grabs the tokers' chest and holds it while that toker holds his/her arms out in a T shape. The person holding the toker holds until he is lifeless and passes out. He will then wake up in a daze that leaves him with blurry vision, slightly deaf, and confused for about a minute. (Watch out for brain damage here, always make sure the person passing out is safe)"

What does htis mean by "holding" the tokers chest

AHH NO! BADDDD, bad, bad.
Woody says, just dont do it, son.

around here there called "california highs" ohmy god no.

This is how i did it once? maybe twice?i dont kno wi was with a bunch of popular jocky football kids and really hot girl, peer pressure, bad situation.

We do it here like this: you stand up against a wall, bend over and just hang there let your arms hang too down by ur feet..you breate in and out really deep and fast until you feel light headed(apx 30 seconds) you then stand up straight and cross your arms across your chest so ur holding on to your oposite shoulder. Someone else thenpushes on your chest, and you go unconcious and fall. And the pusher holds you and gnelte lays you down to the wall.(majority of the time you fall forward) when you get knocked out you go to a dreamy type of state were you bsaicly halucinate until they wake you up or you get enough oxygen to your brain that you come out of ur very low type of coma deal....(most the time we woke someone up after a few seconds by slapping them shaking whatever to wake them up..cuz they just stayed out if udidnt) the person is very confused and very goofy for awhile afterwards blah blah.

It was the scariest thing ever...it so happens that the time i did it instead of falling forward, i fell backwards into the wall and just slowly slid down the cement wall...my back had huge scratches all the way up the back, and igenerally didnt enjoy the experience at all.

woody says dont do it.

uhm 5 more?