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Hey Gang,

Rick here from A Studio's. I need some help!!!


As you can see on what I like to create. Of course, I'm really feeling the grove when I'm high:rollit:. I am always looking for more photos. Photo's of just about anything. What I like to do is Hide Images into my art. So when you are looking and you keep looking. You really start to see more of the hidden images. This works best of course when you are high and you are just staring at my art.

I am trying my hardest to get the collection of 5 done and see on what it would take to have my art printed in the 420 magazine. Yet no answer or no help.

But feel free to send me links or your images so I may get your photo's "maybe" into my art. Please nothing dirty! lol

BETTER YET!!! If I use your photo in my 420 collection I will send you a full size link for a great looking wallpaper for your computer.

WARNING: Please make sure that you have permission to release your photos to me. I don't need the grief.

Much love to my fans and enjoy!

Rick :thanks:
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thats a really cool pic, very psychodelic. looks like some great bud youd see will on a trip. gotta agree with ya, nothing better than toking a bowl and letting the creative juices flow, always suprising when you look at them later and are like "whoa, i dont remember putting that in their but its cool as hell"
it looks like you used photoshop for that pic, do you do any traditional artwork?
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