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420 Gallery Tutorial Updated - Everyone Please Read!


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Welcome to the step by step guide to the 420 Magazine Photo Gallery.


We use a photo gallery for this forum to keep images organized and easy to access, while maintaining an archive for our readers to learn from. Our Posting Guidelines require all photos to be uploaded to our gallery before being posted. This is because off-site links can be deleted or moved outside of our control, leaving 420 Magazine with dead links and an untidy forum. The process is easy once you get the hang of it. First you upload the photo to the appropriate sub-gallery, then you can view it directly or embed it in a thread. If you still need help, please feel free to send an email to support@420magazine.com

Our photo gallery is only for Cannabis, Hemp and directly related images.

If a photograph is watermarked, in order to standardize and preserve the look of our website for many years to come, please place the watermark anywhere except the bottom right hand corner. This is where the 420 Magazine watermark will appear on uploading which will therefore mask any other image.

Photos of anyone looking even remotely like a minor will be deleted without warning.

Non-420 photos may only be uploaded to our "Off-Topic" photo gallery. Please note these photos must be appropriate and otherwise conform to our off topic photo tutorial and guideline.


To start off, you need to make sure your pictures are the correct format.
Our gallery accepts jpg, jpeg, gif, png file formats.
Photo size must not exceed 10MB.

If your photos are larger than 10MB:
Adobe Photoshop, Aperture and Microsoft Office Picture Manager can resize your photos.

If you don’t have any of these programs, here are some links to free online photo resizing tools:

Free Online Picture Resizer - Crop and Resize photos online for free
Online Image Resizer - Resize digital photo, images or pictures online
Resize Images online
Resize Images Online at ResizePic


Click on the Gallery button from the drop down menu that can be found at the top of any 420 Magazine page.


When the gallery main page opens, click on the 'Upload Photos' button.


When the 'Photo Upload' window opens you'll have four things to do.

First, choose the category you want your picture in.

Note: When you click on the 'Upload Photos' button within a specific gallery, that gallery will be used as the category in which to store your pictures. Otherwise the default option will be "Members Galleries" as shown below.


Second, click on the button that says, "Select Files for Upload" to gain access to your computers image gallery where you'll select your picture for uploading.


Third, click the 'Upload/Submit' button to begin upload process.


Fourth, once you get to the photo processing page, click the "Process" button. It's important that you complete this final step. Your photo(s) will not upload correctly unless you do.


TIP: Insert your pics in the proper categories. Buds into 'Buds' category, Plants in 'Plants', etc. All of those images will then appear in your own 'Members Gallery' automatically as well as being available in their proper categories where most gallery gazers tend to look.

Here is a short video walkthrough of the process, kindly provided by UltraDan.

If you have any problems try the process again carefully.

If you're still having trouble, please contact The 420 Staff for further assistance.
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Re: 420 Gallewry Tutorial Updated - Everyone Please Read!


Here is a tutorial for uploading from iPhone or iPad, plus a photo-orientation fix, also by UltraDan.

Click on the Upload Photos option in the Gallery drop down menu that can be found at the top of any 420 Magazine page.


When the gallery main page opens, click on the Member Galleries option.


Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the Upload Photos option.


Scroll about halfway down the page and you should see a list of Choose File options, click on the top one.


You should be prompted to either "Take Photo or Video" or "Choose Existing", choose the option that best suits what you need to do.


This is how it should look when your file is ready to be uploaded:


Unfortunately, only one photo can be uploaded at a time on the iPhone, so after your photo has been selected, scroll down and click on the Upload/Submit button.


If you have any problems try the process again carefully. If you're still having trouble,
please contact someone on The 420 Staff for further assistance.
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Re: Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos


Uploading Photos:

In your mobile browser, go to 420magazine.com and select "Gallery"


You will be brought to this screen which is the our Gallery page. Make sure you are signed in to use the upload function.


Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and find "Upload Photos" and select it.


You will be taken to our Photo Upload page, just as if you were on a desktop


Scroll down and select "Select Files for Upload"


Every phone is different, so you might see a different screen when you go to select your files.


As far as we can tell, they are in order from first to last in your camera gallery on your phone. We selected the last photo we did.


Once you have selected you photo(s) for uploading, you can confirm every photo has been submitted for a brief period of time, then you select "Upload/Submit"


You will be then taken to the Post Process Photo Upload screen where you can choose to not upload or you confirm to upload all or selected photos.


Posting Photos:

Go to the thread you are trying to post the photo in and select the text field where you would type in your messages. In the bottom the left corner of the text field, there is a button there that says "My Photos", select it.


A pop up screen will appear with your photo gallery and you will see the image(s) that you just uploaded. Select the image you wish to post, and select the X on the right hand corner to go back to your post.


Depending on your settings, you will either see the photo coding like in our photo, or you will see the photo you want posted.


Lastly, select "Post Quick Reply" to submit your post and see your photo on the post. Or you can save trouble of editing after submitting and select "Go Advanced" which will show you a preview of what your post will look like, you can make changes from here just that much easier. And being mobile, EASY is something necessary.


Super 420 thanks to Truth Seeker for the instructions and photos! :cheer:


Member of the Month: Jan 2014, May 2016, Feb 2017

Go to the Photo Gallery, select the picture you'd like to insert in the post and click on it.


Once the new window with your picture opens, click on the photo again to open the larger version of it (using the larger version helps other members to see more details in your photo).

Right click on the photo in the box that pops up and select the "Copy Image URL" option.


Now you are ready to post your photo.

Go to your post and click on the Insert Image icon.


The Insert Image box will appear. Right click in the box and choose Paste.


Then click OK.


Now your photo is in your post.


Finish your post and click on the Submit Reply button.


For more information, please read our Posting Guidelines:
Forum Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting

If you have any problems try the process again carefully. If you're still having trouble,
please contact The 420 Staff for further assistance.

Landscape/Sideways Photo Issues - Windows 8 & Android Phones/Tablets/I-Phones Fix

This is a fix for the issues some members are having when loading photos to the site that turn out sideways or in Landscape mode.

If you are using an Android Phone/Tablet/IPhone:

"Problem solved. I figured out that iphones and apparently android phones record their orientation. If you hold an android phone upside down, the picture looks right side up, but the android records the orientation. Then, your system reads that orientation and attempts to correct it. The correct action it to make sure you take your pictures with the volume buttons down"

* Tip submitted by TheCapn

If you are having trouble with this issue as a Windows 8 user:

"I solved the upload issue with Windows 8. I can now get it to upload with the correct orientation. I will explain:

Step 1:
Use import to import pictures from your camera memory card. W8 stores the pictures just like the camera took them, some more modern cameras I understand can compensate for that.

Step 2:
View your imported pictures using windows picture viewer. All your sideways photos will appear correctly even though they are stored in landscape mode. This is why whey you upload they come out sideways. The way to fix it is go through all your pictures that were taken with your camera in portrait orientation and rotate the picture in photo viewer so that it is sideways, then move on to the next picture. The photo viewer is forced to save the picture in that orientation. Do this for all the pictures, then go back and do the same thing except this time orient the picture the way you want it and move to the next picture and windows 8 will save it properly."

* Tip submitted by Tryshard
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