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420 Girl - Ashley Moore


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For some, it comes down to the flavor. Is it earthy, fruity, spicy or you know, skunky? In a lot of ways it's like wine tasting. Some people like to choose a medicine based on how it smells. Budtenders have to ask a lot of questions. They have to be people people to extract the information they need. Some people prefer tinctures or marijuana in food, edibles, as they are called, and the budtender has to know the proper dose. As with much of the industry, budtending is so new that people are still defining the way the job should be done, just as growers and patients are experimenting with different strains in an attempt to find out what the potential of medical marijuana really is. New services are springing up in those areas, as well, services such as glass blowing. Ashley Moore is pictured selling her glass.

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