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420 Girl - Becca

Age: 19
Birthplace: Portland, Oregon
Residence: Portland, Oregon
Occupation: Gardener

How often do you smoke?
Every day.

What do you like to do when you get high?
Either go out with people, drive around and go from place to place, to geeking out with fellow girlfriends. I'm known to be funny and outgoing when I'm high. So I usually want to hang out with people and have a damn good time.

What is your wildest 420 fantasy?
I want to move to Amsterdam, Grow herb to no end... Open a coffee shop and Tour around Paris, London and some states in the U.S. also.

Do you smoke Marijuana for any medicinal purpose?

Do you own anything made from Hemp?
Oh definitely. I wear lots of hemp. I make my own necklaces, ankle bracelets and bracelets.

What's your favorite munchie when you're high?
Taco Bell, by far. I crave it EVERY time. The bomb of all munchies.

What's the best bud you've ever had?
Purple Haze<3

What is your favorite thing about Marijuana?
Just knowing its sticky and stanky. And taking the first hit eases your mind and from that moment on you feel amazing.

What is your favorite method of smoking?
Bongs, Blunts, Joints. They're all a tie.

What is your favorite stoner movie?
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Other than this, have you done anything else for the cause?
Not so far, I just joined and I'm actually damn pumped about it!

Who is your favorite 420 Band?

If you could state our case to the President, what would you say?
First of all, if you were to actually sit down and state all the deaths of alcohol abuse alone, comparing that to anyone whose died BECAUSE OF marijuana,that alone would prove the point. But then proceeding with how many deaths have been because of being under the influence,then driving a car. How many have died then? Then compare to people who are under the influence of ganja,and tell me there's even anything to argue about? people are far more dangerous under the influence of alcohol then they ever are when they're high. More control. Studies taken on the brain and dysfunction of what control you have over yourself when drunk compared to high are much higher then when being high. And if your so worried about the well being of people,and how you want to make this country better,then why would you be letting loads of alcohol be sold,when people are dieing from it , then when you have the choice to replace it with something less addictive, less damaging and less hazardous.

Is there anything you would like to say to our viewers?
Smoke two joints in the morning, Smoke two joints at night! Smoke two joints in the afternoon , it makes me feel alright. Smoke two joints, a time a piece, a two at a time or more! I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints, and then I smoke 2 more! ;-)
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