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420 Girl - Bella

Age: 20
Birthplace: California
Residence: Southern California
Occupation: Model

What is the Best Bud You Ever Smoked?
I smoked this stuff called Bubblegum. It was sweet, fruity and got me the highest I think I've ever been.

What is Your Favorite Munchie When You're Stoned?
Snickers ice cream

How Often Do You Smoke?
As often as I can, at nights after school, or after a long day.

Do You Own Anything Made From Hemp?
I have many necklaces and the like, I used to weave it. I have a really nice 420 Gear shirt made from hemp that I sleep in sometimes. It's soooo soft.

Have You Ever Hurt Anyone Under the Influence of Marijuana?
No way!

What is Your Favorite 420 Band?

What is Your Favorite Thing About Marijuana?
I love how it brings people together in a relaxing environment.

Why Do You Smoke Weed?
Pot is relaxing, it relieves anxiety that comes with school and work, and it is a great way to kick back with friends and roommates after a long day.

Why Do You Think Marijuana Should Be Legal?
It has so many medical properties, and why is alcohol legal when it causes more problems in today's society?

Where is the Craziest Place You Ever Got Stoned?
Dorm rooms very close to RA's. definitely.

What is Your Favorite Method for Smoking the Herb?
Out of the house bong, named Aurora.

What Message Would You Like to Deliver to the Other 420 Girls Who Read This?
Keep on smoking. Every person across the globe working to legalize Marijuana counts

What is Your Favorite Stoner Movie?
Scary Movie.

What Do You Like to Do When High?
EAT! lol....I like to watch The Simpsons with the roomies.

What is Your Wildest 420 Fantasy?
Wow......probably to be able to smoke with my parents!

If You Could Tell the President One Thing About Hemp or Marijuana, What Would it Be?
Mr. President, come on, I KNOW you smoke too!

What Have You Done to Help the Legalization Cause?
This interview.
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