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Dennis Kunian, vice-president of group relations for Columbia Care, stated marijuana is preferable to the usual prescriptions issued to help those who struggle with PTSD stress. "It treats nervousness in the way that Valium, Klonopin, Xanax, Zoloft and the remainder of them do, all of them addictive," he stated. "They give antidepressants and pain drugs away as if they are candy, which leads sufferers to develop an addiction. We're so regulated that we're not able to do proper research," he stated, noting restrictions of the quantity of medical marijuana the government will dispense. Vita stated the composition of the product bought determines the psychoactive impact it has, in other words, getting high isn't the purpose. "We've got strains which have larger ranges of chemical compositions designed for anti-inflammatory functions (lower THC, higher CBD)," Vita stated, as opposed to strains which are used primarily for nervousness or aid from pain brought on by chemotherapy (higher THC). - 203 Organix salesperson Cassie Collins pictured

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