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"I remember my HEMP B.C. store manager Danna Rozek, my first hire in this store, and an employee named Cindy Lassu came up to me in early April 1995, and said, "Marc, can we have a 4/20 celebration on April 20 next door in Victory Park?" I responded, "like, at 4:20 in the afternoon on April 20?" and they said, "No, like all day on April 20." "What will we do all day?" I asked, and they said "Smoke pot all day and play music." I replied, "we can't just smoke pot all day. That's decadent. No, you can't do it." Rebuffed, Ms. Rozek then asked, "Can we just go ahead and do it anyway even if you don't approve?" So I said yes and the staff organized the first April 20 celebration I ever heard of, at Victory Square/Park next door. - Marc Emery

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