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420 Girl - Gayle Quin


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Back when Gayle Quin was first learning about the healing properties of cannabis, she decided early on to start growing her own plants. Raised in a church going Christian household in the '60s, however, she faced judgment and punishment from her family. When Quin's mother discovered the plants growing in her daughter's cupboard, she threw them out and destroyed them. But Quin didn't let that stop her. She found more seeds, then planted her own private cannabis garden, hidden on a nearby knoll outside the house. She began reading every study she could find, she looked up recipes, she learned from friends and she began what would become a life long research project into the medical uses and healing properties of her plants. Quin has been billed by many as a kind of "Pot Angel." With her gentle nature and soft spoken tones, she's acted not only as a leading researcher and creator of the club's vast lotions and potions, but also an impromptu counsellor, reflexologist and acupressurist to many of its clients.

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