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420 Girl - Marie Kilbourn

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What most customers will see at The Green Dragon in Glenwood Springs, Colorado is the retail shop located next to the warehouse. The space is divided into two shopping counters with one dedicated to medical patients and the other supplied with recreational product. The shop is spacious and well lit with plenty of product in jars lining several walls. Besides the flower itself, there are also edibles, smoking paraphernalia, clothing and vaporizing products available. Bud tender Marie Kilbourn has worked in both Glenwood Springs and Aspen for The Green Dragon. Friendly and knowledgeable about the product, Kilbourn was all smiles to be working at the new facility. "It's really a great space and it'll only get better," she said. "We're going to have the best variety of product, the best shop and will give our customers the best shopping experience possible."

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The retail shop of The Green Dragon is already open for business in Glenwood Springs if customers have a medical marijuana card. Ron and Bonnie Radtke owners, said the Glenwood location should be open for recreational business today. Radtke's Green Dragon Colorado shop in Aspen is already licensed to sell recreational marijuana. "Our medical patients will always be protected and will always have a home with us," Radtke said. "We've seen other outlets, like Stash near Aspen, go completely recreational. Our medical patients are our friends and the basis of how we started. We also believe in the medicinal value of our product. - The Aspen Times - pictured Bonnie Radtke and Marie Kilbourn