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420 Lightbrite's 1st Grow Journal


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Well I thought I posted this just now but I can not find it I hope you are not going to see doubles of this.
This is my first grow journal so please be patient with me.
In this grow I am going to determin what medium I like to grow in. I have dirt and I am now for the first time trying out my new ------------. What about you guys which do you like better?
Stains I am growing , Double Big Bud,Elninio,Bubblegum,Tangerine Dream,Purple Kush, Smile,
I uploaded pictures yesterday and now they are not there not even the posts I posted yesterday are posted what am I doing wrong?


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More upsetting issue I wrote with pics and thought I posted it and now I can not find it maybe I should look in my photo gallery


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Ahhhhh *running round and pulling out my hair* why it is taking me so long to grasp the concept of the grow journals? Ahhhhhhh


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Hey sorry for your misfortunes.. I can try and help.
It seems like you know how to get back to this thread since you keep posting here, so that was the first step. You should start off with a post saying something along the lines of.. however many plants there are, and their strains, how old they are, are they in veg or flowering, what kind of lights? or is it outdoor? hydro? soil? what kind of soil OR what kind of hydro set up, also are you using any fert line? and anything else you'd like to add.
If people know whats going on they will come and watch.
After that post you should put up your photos. If you havent uploaded them through the photo gallery yet then do so. Then when you come to this thread scroll down to the quick reply and theres a little camera icon above the text box with a green arrow (thats how you plug your photos into the post) and click post quick reply like normal...
Hope that helps! :goodluck:


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Below are the pic's

Pic one is a two week old El Ninio started from seed in rockwool and then placed into the net pot using the stones as medium
Pic 2 is double big bud started the same as above
pic 3 is another El Ninio started just like the one in pic one
Pic 4 is week three and yes they have grown. I am allowed to grow 18 medical marijuana plants indoors and have a dirt room and a bubble pon ic room. The reason they are in the same room right now is because the bubble set up came with a burnt out bulb and I had to wait for the replacement to arrive it took them seven weeks folks seven weeks. Bad bad but it did come and I did have the room at the time
Pic 5 the plants are now four weeks old and it looks like the ones in dirt are growing faster but just you wait things turn around in a big way. I am doing this to find out for myself which grow medium I like the best wont know till the finished product is in hand or bud der hee hee. I tend to eat my medicine so I make bud der to add to all my reciepies and I also make tea yummmmy and it gets the job done big time
Pic 6 is just showing the dirt medium plants which are bottom right bublegum strain top left the itty bitty tiny one there is El Ninio in early stage next to that is purple kush and the far left is a strain called "smile" which came for free in an order of seeds.


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Whats good Lightbrite!!!

looks like your having a lot better luck on the grow than the journals!!! lol but glad to see you finally got the pix up and in your journal!!! those ladies look great!!! no when you say dirt do you mean you just got something out of your back yard??? or you mean some actual soil??? anyways, the flowers look great!!! hope you dont mind me taggin along!!!



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The dirt is actually dirt that I purchased so that I did not get any unwanted critters in the grow room. I am using one part sunshine mix no.1 and 3parts sunshine mix 4.
I am having a bit of trouble learning how to keep a grow journal but it should get better


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Well my grow is now into it's fifth week of flower and it is coming along quite nicely here is some updated photos for you all.







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Aww poop I was hoping you did not move my journal to the abandon stage. i have been in hospital for I am chronically sick hense the government marijuana license. I will be posting up to date pics this week. sorry all that are following my grows.
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