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Would you like to become part of our Team?

420 Magazine is looking for a passionate and dedicated member who would like to become part of our dynamic and dedicated team. We are in the business of bringing the message of Cannabis and Hemp awareness to the world and you could be a part of this important mission.

We are looking for a member with a proven posting history, who show maturity, frequent site access and a willingness to work hard, without issues of ego. We want someone who is patient, caring and compassionate. Is this you?

News Hawk: Description

Scours the net for the latest and most important 420 related news, events, facts and information. Ensures proper citation, credit and formatting. Posts, monitors and participates in 420 News related discussions.

Being a staff member with 420 Magazine will require dedication and time. You will need to be available on a daily and regular basis, demonstrate that you can and will work as part of our mature and dynamic team and communicate professionally. We want you to be honest and hard working, and exhibit the qualities of accuracy and timeliness.

Please, only established members who have a review-able and violation-free post history need apply.

If you can't commit the time, haven't been a member very long or have not been signing in frequently, please wait a cycle, participate more and apply next time.

Ask questions if you have them, tell us why you're the right person for the job and please post your application in this thread.

The time has come to exercise your 420 activism gene.



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re: 420 Magazine Seeking News Hawk & News Moderator - Paid Position

Just how is this accomplished? I have a great educational background and feel I could be very useful, especially since I am available most of the time. I am retired, at 62 years of age, past physician, general surgeon and pain management specialist, taught in medical school as a graduate assistant in the gross anatomy lab. And, I was involved since the late seventies with cannabis!

Michael G Langley, MD


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re: 420 Magazine Seeking News Hawk & News Moderator - Paid Position

I would be great at this position because I could devote 24/7 attention to this topic, especially since I am an avid believer in the rights of an individual to choose what's best for them in their daily lives. I just graduated from Missouri University in St. Louis with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Criminology in December 2009, so I can give an understanding of the issue's from both sides. In the end Cannabis has a place in our society and I'll put up with a sleepy stoner over an out of control drunk any day of the year. I have a good grasp on the science of how the drug affects people in different ways. If you guys were to put your faith in me I will do everything in my power to help bring about a better understanding of Cannabis to all walks of life.

If you need any further info please let me know.


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re: 420 Magazine Seeking News Hawk & News Moderator - Paid Position

Writing for 420 Magazine would be a dream come true. I love to research and discuss medical, social, political, environmental, ecological and nutritional issues. Marijuana will benefit the human existence in the future. The question is, will we have the insight to reap the plant’s incredible benefits before it is to late for us?

I enjoy discussing the landslide of medical marijuana issues. A few examples include: 1)Our society’s acceptance of alcohol and it’s associated social, financial, and medical costs which are in clear dichotomy to our moral values; 2)The reduction of brain inflammation, self medicating with alcohol, brain plaque, seizures, speech impediments, and mutated cells should be enough to encourage the use marijuana products that do not cause psychotropic affect, yet a woman is prosecuted for giving her seizure-affected child a tincture that cures him; 3)The interrelation between federal, state, and local marijuana laws and the ultimate question of legalization; 4)How to prevent the pharmaceutical companies from monopolizing the marijuana market like Tobacco; and 5)How are we going to bring people like my parents to purchase medicine that’s called Purple Urkle? The topics are too numerous to list.

I was raised in San Diego County and after high school kept moving North. I received a general musicianship degree at a music school in Studio City, while living in Hollywood (Vine & Delongpre) and a B.A. from Chico State in Political Science. I received a J.D. from University of San Francisco School of Law and am a licensed, but recovering, lawyer.

After practicing law in Southern California with my father for several years, I moved to Northern California to …. well … save my life. I was smoking cigarettes and self medicating with alcohol and ate a bunch of crap. I now attend classes for fun (agriculture & chemistry), I grow 20% of my food (and give a lot away), I have grown marijuana indoors and out and believe in its medicinal benefits. I spend a lot of time with animals and in nature and I feel better. Not there yet, but better. I still eat a lot of crap.

Please Consider Me For The Position,



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