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I'm a undercover superhero under the guise of a woman with PTSD. I smoke as medicine, and am always interested in spreading herb awareness.

I can smoke, type and spell all at the same time. I like to read, and talk to others about the things I've learned/ done/ experienced.

I'm the last person you think of as a "pothead" (Hence, the undercover part) But I'm always quick to defend my medicine of choice. I'm well spoken, articulate and dance well. I'm fun at parties, can mix a mean rum punch, and like smoking with friends rather than alone.

Plus, I would look really hot in a staff t-shirt. You guys do get shirts, right? Or a parking pass? Maybe a little badge that says, "Staff" at least?

Oh, and I can work long hours for little pay and no recognition, given the right incentive.



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ha and now i read the first post

well first of all i smoke weed........ :)

......i would like to support the cause in anyway i can. i go to school at night and work nights, so my days are spent playing counterstrike and getting high out of boredom. i am task oriented and possess a great deal of knowledge on the subject of marijuana: specifically cultivation, both soil and hydroponic.

let me know what i can do



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I'm 22 yrs old and about to graduate from college in Dec. I'm currently a middle school english student teacher. And weed is my dirty little secret, but I support it 100%. I also have some experience as a News Editor of Island Waves (TAMUCC Student Newspaper).:peace:


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Well we just had a couple drug busts here in Walla Walla, WA. A friend was over and let me know that 5 friends got busted for growing a couple small plants and an OZ of weed. I can type up the article when it comes out in the paper and send it to you folks if you think you would use it...and other related washington matter..


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High there 420 staf,

I'm Dokkie allso know'n on the youtube as Underdok.
i'm spreading awerenes for like 24/7, i'll be happy to do so for 420magazine.
Allready writing in Softsecrets and Highlife magazine in Holland.
I'll be happy to do so for 420magazine, I would like to your Dutch/Euro cannabiz reporter.
I'm a spiritual smoker and grow me own stash for like 20 years orso.
It's a goodlife...

But there is a treath, bad people wanna take this freedom away from us.

Read all about it:

It was sow cool for such a long time.
Stoners everywhere, a summer of love kinda lifestyle for like 30 years orso.
It became normal to buy and smoke our Cannabis in local coffeeshops all over Holland.
People from all over the world visited( still do) Amsterdam to get high and have a cool time in the many cannabis friendly bars and clubs.

Because it was tolerated by the old government to grow 5 plants, lots of locals grow(ed) their own Cannabis instead of buying expensive pot in he shops.
Each town has his local growshops where you can buy everything you need to grow your own pot.
In those years the Dutch breeders came up with some wicked strains.
And the general quality reached high standards.
At a certain piont there were no more potdealers on the streets, in fact it was decriminalized.
Cannabis became normal, like everything else in society.
Taxes were payed for selling pot in coffeeshops.
Smoking pot in public didn't gave any problems, people accepted it, like having a drink or smoke.
It was all good.
Holland became known all over the world, because of her tolerance and respect for free thinking people.
The next logical step would be legalizing Cannabis all the way so we could start to produce industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis to help solve a lot of the problems the world faces today.
We are living proof that normalization and for that mather, legalisation of Cannabis is possible and harmless in a modern society like the Netherlands.

But there's a threat, a political / religious threat.
For a while now Holland is turning into a country with stupid laws,norms and christian values about everything.
It's going on for allmost six years now.
The first couple of years, homegrowers were hunted down and kicked out of their homes.
Lots of coffeeshops in mayor cities where closed because of stupid new laws.
Whe even hade a couple of Legal medical cannabis breeders in Holland with a license to suply the local chemist's or dispencers.
It was all a big joke, in like 3 years orsow they disappeared, broke, shutdown, the government made it imposible for most legal growers to continue, by making up crazie rules that made it to expensive and complicated to grow pot for medical use.
Sow now there's only one left, i think?

Things are changed, and it's getting worse.
The freedom we fought for is now taken away from us by the christian-conservative government.

They want things like all coffeeshops, the redlight district and smartshop's to dissapear in the near future.
The so called wetshops, bars where you could drink a beer and smoke some pot, are no more.
They were given a chois, sell pot or liquor.
All of them chose to give up their liquor lincense.
Allthought their still cool coffeshops were you can have a nice smoke, they where the last bars were you could enjoy your smoke while drinking a beer.

Next year the are gonna ban smoking tabaco in all cafe's as well.
Now their even talking about banning it from the terrace to.
So when all coffeeshop's are gone, where the fuck are all those spiritual and medicinal smokers that don't grow there own pot gonna get there smoke.
The pot that's still for sale in de chemist's is to expensive and you'll need a prescription anyway.

If they succeed with their evil plans ,people who enjoyed smoking cannabis in coffeeshops, will have to get their stash somewhere else, buy their pot on the streets from shady, criminal dealers.

Fuck that!!!!

They are taking our freedom away, it's like going back in time.
All stoneys worldwide must unite and
fight for your freaking right,
to grow 'n smoke pot in peace.
We should shout it all out:

They better Legalize Cannabis,
or get out of the fucking way.
Cause Mary Jane is here to stay..!!!!!


love ya...



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420 Magazine Oct. 17 2007
re; News Hawk

Friends, Neighbors;

I'm an older guy. Have grown up watching the news since the 70's. Before the war I lived off CNN and CNBC along with talk radio. Now its Air America,
Al Jazerra, BBC, and plenty of others.

My current situation is all to familiar. That of unemployed, unemployable, and awaiting trial. Last Oct. I was arrested. Sheriffs stumbled onto the property in search of the local child molester then pointed the finger at me as helping the molester escape. That turned into an FBI investigation on Federal Terrorism charges and Drug Kingpin. Phony as a Halliburton audit and they all knew it at the time. I will walk up the court house steps 1st week in Nov on 9gms, a pipe, and hindering prosecution - a felony. I was taking care of my 84yo mother with stage 4 cancer when the swat team hit the door. 50 of um. She died a week later. "We just doing our jobs."

I hesitate to call myself an expert on current events, history, or anything else until I compare myself to my "tormentors." I have an FBI analyst in DC that has never heard of the East German STASI or the Polish Solidarity movement. An ANALYST I say? My integrator was the same guy that did Eric Rudolph - the abortion clinic bomber. He was nodding in agreement with me with a dropped jaw durring the interview. Yes. I am political and I spend hours a day watching the news. I am certain I am on the Terrorist watch list, along with 500,000 other Americans but am uncertain if I am on the no fly list. Needless to say, I can address a number of concerns to "our community." Warrentless wiretaps? Electronic surveillance? A plethora of arbitary arrests, tazering, politically rooted inditements and this relationship between evangelical, fundemantalist Christians and law enforcement. Not to mention religious demonitations that instruct their membership on who and how to inform on neighbors, coworkers, family.

As for NEWS. Pathetic! Same SHIT all day long then Wolf Blitzer will look into the camera and repeat the same thing again as if he was the first to report it. This cycle broken only be the latest "bad girl" report from Britany or Paris or some other bimbo.

I cannot break this down in a sentence or a paragraph. On some issues I am more conservative than you guys. On others I have become far more radical. Question. Why is it now that Randi Rhodes - Air America and Pat Buchannan - far right commentator and Presidential candidate from 2000 agree on so much? Since NAFTA and GATT, large elements of Americas far right and far left now agree on an issue by issue basis. We have a high tech police state and a foreign policy driven by TRADE. The American political situation can no longer be described by a "linear" left and right but has almost become "circular" where the left and right find themselves in agreement over and over again. Marijuana? Maybe. Maybe not. Draconian sentencing guidelines, 3 strikes, police brutality, Iraq, Iran? What about just plain ol Bible Thumper mean? Thats where the "handshakes" will be found. I do not want this too long. I have a key stroke logger, magic lantern device monitoring my computer with a monitored phone. Chances are, yall do also.

Oh yea. Traveled extensively in India, Nepal, Europe, some Morocco. I used to know Amsterdam like the back of my hand.

I sure would like to find out what you guys are looking for and how I might be able to fit in. Kindly contact me. Give me a phone number and a time to call. I will run down to a phone booth and call you. We can then speak in some degree of comfort.

America. Land of the free, home of the brave.

Kindest regards

"Run like hell"
Another pissed off American


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I was newly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis this past March. Due to the symptoms and overall fatigue I was out of work since January 2007. This new disease came as a total shock to me since I was only 21 years old at the time and in perfect health. I use to smoke marijuana just to pass the time, not knowing it was actually helping my symptoms. I would get a lot of pain in my lower body, but didn't know it was related to MS. When I was diagnosed I could barely walk and by that time I had stopped smoking marijuana completely thinking that was the cause of my fatigue. When the pain wouldn't go away, not even with prescription pain pills, I started searching the internet for another alternative. One of the top things that came up along side eating right and exercise was marijuana to relieve the extreme pain felt throughout the body. When my mom was diagnosed with MS a few years back I had mentioned to her about smoking pot. Unfortunately that conversation didn't go over too well. So when I was diagnosed that was the first thing that popped into mind, but not knowing if it was actually true to its reputation. Now I can totally say Marijuana has given me a new life. I'm able to work an 8-10hour shift without any discomfort or feeling weak. I don't get a lot of pain like I use to and things have really taken on a new light. I thought that was "it" for me and I would never be able to pursue my dreams in the music industry, but thanks to marijuana I'm able to work a job and work on my music. Nothing is holding me back. Thanks to this miracle drug that our government is trying to destroy I am here today fully functional. So you ask why I would like to join? One is because Marijuana is not addicting like everyone believes, so I really don't believe there would be a problem with it being legalized. Two because I am living proof that this drug does and will help people who have disabilities.


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My name is Mike Coleman. I'm from Rutherford, NJ which is ten minutes outside of NYC in North NJ. I am in NYC almost every day and could be there everyday in the futurue for work and promotion. I also live close to NJ cities such as Newark, East Rutherford/Meadowlands, Jersey City, etc. There's two things I told myself that I would constantly dedicate myself to. Those two things are legalizing cannibus, and the second is Music. I am a concert producer and festival organizer here in my town. I've attempted to have cannibus protests but have failed each time. Maybe with 420 behind me, i'd be unstoppable. Not maybe, I WOULD be. I have had experience for 5 years of planning concerts, organizing events, and I've been able to draw up to 1,000 people in this tiny park in my town for a homeless shelter event I created and directed 3 years ago. I was then diagnosed with the ear disaease Cholesteatoma. It came back twice and I had to have 2 10 hour surgeries to get it removed within a 1 year period. In the 2nd surgery, my ear canal was widened, and my ear drum was ripped out. During the surgery they rebuilt a brand new one out of tissue in my ear. I also have been diagnosed with Anxiety since the age of 13. Since I live in NJ, many people out West don't understand how much harder it is here than it is there. In reality (it's hard everywhere though) A family member has been arrested for 420 and if the day comes for me, so be it. I want to try my best to change that. I have told my friends, family, and whoever else in my life that it is my medicine of choice. Many have left me because of it, but that is because of the sheer fact that it is an "illegal" substance. Without it, I don't know where I'd be though. My doctor has never given me pain medication for my ear disease. Except for Tylenol, which in my opinion was a joke and a slap in the face towards the pain I was feeling and STILL feel today. Marijuana is the only medicine that wipes away the pain and anxiety I have every day for sure. I have very good people skills, and meeting new people (especially for the cause of 420) excites me.

Along with writing articles, meeting new people, forming events, working my ass off, and organizing festivals. I would dedicate myself 100 percent to 420 magazine. I would do anything and everything, simply because it's all I want to do. It's that simple... :)


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I am an avid pot condoner and proponent. I am college educated and I have, if i may say, a gift for literary engagement. Day or night I am out for my right
to smoke pot,
Any way we can we must convince the man
of our unobstructed right to unite for our plight
to bring smoke to the people of our land
and make the non-believers understand
we try
to comply
with those up high.
Why is alcohol legal and marijuana is not?
We will endure.


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my sn is stonystoner my myspace is myspace.com/stonystoner i must admit i did change it from my maryjane theme only after i heard the locals were using myspace to bust people i live in NEW YORK which for those in california is still highly illegal here and i stand proud on my subject i have a pot leaf tattoo on my right hand i dont give up i work hard i've never made over 25 k in a year but for my 21st bday i bought myself a house and a car all by myself with no co-signer i have a different piece to smoke out of every week of the year and than some i collect glass pieces if you give me a shot i wont let you down i believe a man is only as good as his word and our country is extremely fucked in more ways than just how it stands on marijuana even though marijuana could help the economy extremely so if you want a good job done and you want it done right you know who to contact :51:


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Hi, I'm a 32 year old male from Ireland. I have been growing organically for the past few years. I love weed, and every spare moment I have, is spent reading and researching it.

If there is any way that I can help spread awareness to the world, about this amazing little plant, count me in.

I also have good command of the English language :2:

Peace RBH


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I'm a musician helping to spread awareness through my music and I'm also a pretty good writer and have various resources which could aid the cause. Not in Cali, though, in IL, but gonna be in FL soon. What can I do?
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