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How many have bought the hard copy

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I was sitting at my computer, logged onto 420magazine.com as I have countless times before when I realized I had never bought the actual magazine. I've been posting here for months and have never thought to go buy even one! I'm literally gonna go grab one right now as I have something new to look forward to each month.

I'm curious though, how many other's have never thought to go get the hard copy?


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Seriously - is there a print version? In a cursory review of this site, I find no reference to its availability. Of course, I always assumed there was...


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I know right, I'm almost positive and fairly sure their is. They have it at my local borders. I'm heading out right now so I will confirm.


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we haven't printed for a while...
once we sell enough books, we are going to print internationally though our publisher, goliath books...
probably first part of 2008...
there just isn't enough money coming in yet, to print...
so help us sell some books and your wish is my command!
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