420 Magazine's Member of the Month: June 2022

420 Magazine's Member of the Month: June 2022

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Member of the Month: March 2021; April 2022 - Grow Journal of the Month: April 2021; Aug 2022 - Plant of the Month: Nov 2021 - Member of the Year: 2021
Welcome to 420 Magazine's Member of the Month Contest!

420 Magazine would like to include not only our valued growers, but also more of our non-growing members in this contest. We are by no means excluding growers from the Member of the Month Contest, but we feel that our Plant and Nug Contests are already serving these members pretty well. Please help and support us in this effort.

Specifically, we're looking to thank those members that help and support our site in so many under recognized ways, such as:

  • Greeting new members
  • Helping people with questions
  • Peacemakers
  • Activism efforts
  • Promoting our Sponsors
  • Activity and content generation
  • Reporting violations
Please send your nominations to 420 Support (@Renee Roberts @Pat Puffer or @Teddy Edwards) via private message, including detailed reasoning for your nomination. 420 Staff will assess and approve the community nominations, then members determine the winner by poll.

Nominations are accepted from the 1st until the 14th at midnight PST every month. Approved nominations will be posted shortly after midnight PST and, at that time, the polls will open through midnight PST on the last day of the month to vote for a winner.

Please follow the above guidelines to propose a nomination and do not post or discuss nominations in the contest thread. Nominations and/or suggestions of nominations in the contest thread will be deleted without notice.

All winners receive "Member of the Month" title and the following Prize Package:

420 Magazine: 420 Magazine T-shirt, 420 Magazine Lighter, 420 Magazine Magnet, 420 Magazine Stickers
GeoPot: Five 3 Gallon GeoPots
Geoflora Nutrients: 4lb Geoflora Veg & 4lb Geoflora Bloom
Cannabis Irrigation Supply: 12 Outlet Manifold Kit for Greenhouse and Hydroponics
Foods Alive: Organic Toasted Hemp Seeds
Sierra Natural Science: SNS-217 Spider Mite Control - 1 Quart Mix Pouch
Prescription Blend: Complete Nutrient Kit

Shipping fees may apply to some packages shipped outside of the U.S.
You are responsible for any additional fees applied by customs.
Additional Details On Prize Shipping & Customs Duties

Monthly winners are automatically eligible for our prestigious "Member of the Year" contest, held in January.

Contest Guidelines:

1. Members must have at least 50 posts to be entitled to vote.

2. 420 Magazine staff members submit nominees and rationale in the contest thread.

3. Promotion (i.e. campaigning) for yourself or a friend, or any attempt at voting more than one time per person (i.e. multiple user names, etc.) is considered cheating and is prohibited. Promotion also includes family and friends who register a new account for voting purposes. Campaigning in any form - including but not limited to mentioning the nomination in any thread outside the contest and campaigning via PMs - will result in the member being removed from the month's contest. A second instance, either in a different contest during the same month or in any future contest, will attract a lifetime ban from all future contests.

4. Members cannot nominate themselves.

5. Members may only win this title once per year.

6. Staff members from this or any other cannabis forum/community will not be nominated.

7. In accepting the Member of the Month title, prize(s), and the respect of the members, the winner agrees to wear his/her title with honor and to continue to set the example with his/her actions and posting behavior. To retain the Member of the Month title, the winner must remain compliant with contest rules and site guidelines.

Contests Are Legitimate: Now that votes are publicly visible, it should be obvious who is voting. We have endless ways of discovering cheating and are always successful. If you are caught cheating, your entry will be deleted and you'll be called out in the public thread, visible to everyone. Reason being that in the past, when we removed the offending entry without any announcement (to help minimize embarrassment for the member), it often led to uninformed (or worse, misinformed) members questioning our motives and calling us censorship nazi's. More often than not, the cheater themselves would claim innocence, causing a higher workload for our staff. For these reasons, we now alert the community of what happened, to save all the confusion and massive workload on our team.

This year's winners who are now ineligible for nomination:
January: @BakedARea
February: @Rexer
March: @Grand Daddy Black
April: @Bill284
May: @HappyHazmat88

:cheer::cheer: :cheer:
June Nominees

@Farmer Reading


@Tokin Roll






:goodluck: Good Luck Everyone! :goodluck:
Woohoo holy cow, it just keeps getting harder every month. :hmmmm:
Congratulations to all the wonderful nominees.

Stay safe :cool:

Renee Roberts

420 Support
420 Staff
Only 5 days left, be sure to get your vote in!

Tokin Roll

Grow Journal of the Month: June 2021 - Member of the Month: July 2021
Time is running out if you have not voted you still can.

On a side note; I would like to say Thank you for taking the time to vote for your fellow members.
The turn out of members participating make this a true award to win from many of your peers.
Thank you again.

Stay safe, and grow well my friends,

Renee Roberts

420 Support
420 Staff
Congratulations to
:adore: June's Member of the Month Winner! :adore:


Thank you so much for everything you do to help our amazing community.
We are truly grateful for you! :circle-of-love:

We also want to thank all of the nominees and those that nominated them.

We truly appreciate each of you. :love:


Krissi Carbone

Product Reviewer
420 Staff
Sorry Em, posted your CONGRATULATIONS on the wrong month! Oops...stoner growing friends ya know...

Have a great day, well deserved!

Emilya Green

Product Reviewer
420 Staff
Sorry Em, posted your CONGRATULATIONS on the wrong month! Oops...stoner growing friends ya know...

Have a great day, well deserved!
lol, thank you Krissi! Thank you also to everyone else who voted for me this month! To all my fellow contesters, better luck next time and congratulations for getting nominated!

Cola Monster

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Member of the Month: Sept 2021 - Grow Journal of the Month: July 2022
Congratulations, Emilya! Here, have a celebratory joint:


I'm smoking Raspberry Cough today. :Rasta:
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