420 Magazine's Nug of the Month: April 2013

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  • Purpsdro420 - Casey Jones

    Votes: 2 3.0%
  • Catfishh - Elephant Berry

    Votes: 4 6.1%
  • Cola Monster - Bubba Kush

    Votes: 1 1.5%
  • JokerJohn - Chanel +

    Votes: 2 3.0%
  • Doctor Dread - Flo

    Votes: 13 19.7%
  • Smoke2Js - Purple Poison

    Votes: 3 4.5%
  • Cultivator - Ams

    Votes: 3 4.5%
  • Cannasensei - Jack-Pot

    Votes: 2 3.0%
  • Icemud - Blackberry Kush

    Votes: 2 3.0%
  • Jon705 - Purple Kush

    Votes: 3 4.5%
  • Alkhemist - Gigabud

    Votes: 3 4.5%
  • Smokemupm8 - Kiksum

    Votes: 7 10.6%
  • Alaskan1 - Lemon Kush

    Votes: 21 31.8%

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Hey everyone!! I decided that I would enter my Blackberry Kush from my 3rd grow. I was extremely happy with growing her as she was a very easy to grow, hearty plant. I grew 1 bb kush and 5 others on this run and the only plant that was resistant to PM and thrips was this blackberry kush... All of my other plants pretty much rendered worthless.. The blackberry kush had an extremely floral smell much more than I have ever had before from other growers. This also was my 1st attempt at high brix growing and most of the other plants in my tent in this grow were hitting 15-20, the blackberry never got higher than 14 for some reason, even though the feedings soil etc were the same... never the less, this one was the champ and a very amazing smoke.

The high was very clear, but heavy hitting, and great for pain and aches. It was one where you would pack a pipe, and wake up the next morning with half the pipe still full :) lol...These photo's were taken in direct sunlight and after about 1 month of curing. A very smooth smoke, connoisseur's smoke. When inhaled and exhaled it tasted like a mildly fruity hash flavor and left the air smelling like hash.

Well here she is in her glory!! enjoy


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Heres a nug of Purple Kush I grew last round.Its been curing for 6 weeks now.Theres no mistaking whats being smoked with this stuff, traditional musky grape smell with a spicy hash flavor.

Good luck everyone:)


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awesome entries everyone!! gawd.. makes me salivate everytime!

ok, im gona chuck in one of my liL Gigabud nugs, just been under a week drying time though... really a 'full-bodied' aromatic scent and sweet smelling, hash tones too- one of them smelled exactly like freshly cut feijoa if you know the fruit..
the hit is a nice indica-type body high.. lasts longer and feels great :3:



goodluck everyone! :ganjamon:


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Oh my god..
The entries this month are incredible!
Good luck everyone!


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Man - Theres some awsum looking buds in this months entries!!
Wish I could sample them all that would be great:) Ok, So I thought Id post a couple of pics of my last harvest, Kiksum, which was another C99xPR strain, She reached 4.5ftx4.5ft and I estimated Id only get about 8oz dry from her - But she really amazed me and she ended up with over 16.5oz!!
Ive taken a couple of pictures, sorry I cant do trich close ups yet , but this smoke has been curing for a couple months now - and is the only smoke Ive been tokin on since her harvest and she still gets me ripped. A nice tasting/smelling bud with a pungeant taste that hits the back of your throat and then on exhale you feel it coming over you. ITS GREAT FOR SLEEPING!! This has been by far the best smoke Ive cured and she had mostly cloudy trichs with some ambers thru her. I cured some buds differnt ways so Ill be sure to have different strength smoke over time.. Anyway heres my entry for this month.
Kiksum, C99xPR.. Soil grown 400w MH/HPS LST'd flowered for 62 days.


Sorry the images dont really look that clear, this bud weighed 21.6g and its so packed and just full of red pistils and trichs:) I hope you guys liked my girls nugs. So there you go thought Id show you guys what this grow did for me. The cola's werent as big, but I got more than expected which is always good.
But the pungeant smell of this strain is remarkable, it sticks in your nostrils and is so sticky, great over all strain high wise IMO.. It doesnt dis appear after 5 seconds it kind of intensifies after each one til you all kicked back in this Baked out haze:)
I will not be upset for not winnning as there s some awsum entries and I was kindly donated some BPN products by a most couteous winner before - GG7 - So my current grow is being fueled with the GOOD STUFF!! Hope to have some more entries in a couple months!
THANKS EVERYONE FOR VOTING - And I cant wait to see who the lucky winner is.. THEYLL BE STOKED:)
Later guys, Thanks for voting for your favourites... Chat soon - Smokemupm8:thumb:


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hey smokemup!!
hell yah! those cindy 99's put out some IMPRESSIVE weight and size! i grew 4 x-line hybrids in my last "fill in" grow- cindy 99 x maroc.. more than quadrupled her size in under 3 weeks.. going from 1 foot to almost 7 foot! i got an EASY 10 oz per plant and that was with no training, topping... nothing at all, i know i couldve got a pound each if i worked em! looking just awesome mate! you just reminded me of what i wanna grow next with my hgk's :3:


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Thats a good combo Alkhemist, the hgk tripples in size too so you should be able to keep the canopy fairly even:)


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Cheers mate;)
Yeah she did ok this grow, but my previous girl was 6.5ft x4.5ft and had MASSIVE cola's, 4 of them were 2ft long each and the rest were over 1ft. Ya can check out my first journal - Cindy, I was very impresed with her. And by some freak chance - I managed to sprout another when I was sure that I had only one. And when I sprouted this girl, it was with another, and I culled the other and managed to keep the C99xPR!! Weird!! But still I was happy as I knew her growth capacity - but this grow was shorter in time and vegged only til 2.5ft, instead of 3.5ft with the previous.
I would put the pics on here but dont think Id be allowed! Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE FOR THE LIKES - YOU HAVE ALL BEEN A PART OF MY GROWS AND HAVE SUPPORTED ME ALONG THE WAY!! Cheers guys, and wish everyone the best! Catch ya later.. Smokemup:high-five:


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omg i have not been back...this is going to be tough. i cant use smoke2js method cause i would have a sweet rainbow mix in my bowl :welldone: on top of growing the best meds in the world you are also kicking ass in the image department too, again this will be tough.
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