420 Magazine's Nug of the Month Contest: March 2009

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Keith Lake

420 Emeritus
420 Staff

We are now accepting nominations for March's contest.

Please submit a photo of your best nug (there is a separate contest thread for plants.) We will only accept self-nominations. Once all nominations are in, we will begin voting for a winner. The contest will be open through the last day of the month.

Each winner will receive 25 extra rep points and the title "Nug of the Month Winner".


1. Contest entries must be original photos of your own nug. The nug photo may include several nugs or a cola.

2. Entries must include ONLY photos of the nug. But you may add one photo as a reference point for size or a closeup/macro.

3. Maximum of two photos per member. Updating photos throughout the month is not allowed.

4. Remember to upload your photo through our Photo Gallery before posting it on this thread.
Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

5. Self-nominations only.


New Member
that bud looks like it could blind someone on a sunny day


New Member
that bud looks like it could blind someone on a sunny day

I was just about to say "i bet if we had a light reflected off that, it could blind someone", but you beat me to it haha. Nice buds guys, pretty good submissions so far.


Plant of the Month: Third Place Winner
Perhaps it doesn't fall into "nug" category? not sure gona post it anyway, moderators do what you will , i understand. Sorry if it's not.


New Member
This is some sour diesel i just picked up. This is one of the nugs its the biggest one it weighs 12 grams. some of the best smoke iv ever had.

And there a pic of a smaller sour nug so you can see all the crystals



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Happy Kitty

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It sure smells good in here :3:

The entries this month are fantastic! March is almost over, so get your entries in now. You can never have enough beautiful bud entries.

Peace and beautiful buds :hippy:


New Member
here's my entry


and a size comparison

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