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420 Magazine's Nug of the Month Contest: May 2010

Vote For Nug Of The Month: May 2010

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  • Hightide805

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  • SoggyCracker

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  • Cream

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  • Setting Sun

    Votes: 6 7.5%
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Keith Lake

Human Resources
420 Staff

We are now accepting nominations for the Nug of the Month contest.

Please submit a photo of your best nug (there is a separate contest thread for plants.) The nug must be your own, either purchased or grown. Optionally, we'd love to hear about the strain, taste, aroma, potency, effect, weight or any other frosty details that you're willing to share.

Once all nominations are in, we will begin voting for a winner. The contest will be open through the last day of the month.

Each winner will receive 50 rep points and the title "Nug of the Month Winner". Monthly winners are automatically eligible for our prestigious "Nug of the Year" contest; to be held in January.

Also, submit your best high resolution photos to photos@420magazine.com for publication in 420 Magazine's print edition.


1. Contest entries must be original photos of your own nug. The nug photo may include several nugs or a cola.

2. Entries must include ONLY photos of the nug. But you may add one photo as a reference point for size or a closeup/macro.

3. Maximum of two photos per member. Updating photos throughout the month is not allowed.

4. Remember to upload your photo through our Photo Gallery before posting it on this thread.
Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

5. Nugs must be "dry" and in "ready to smoke" form.

6. Self-nominations only.

7. Competition is open to the first 25 entries.

UPDATE - Please note that effective March 2010 there will no longer be 2nd or 3rd place awards.
Consolidated Entries For May 2010





Setting Sun










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New Member
well i'll start, this is some maui wowie i picked up at a club

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New Member
Latest harvest from an experimental Hydro system. As you can see from the image below all went well!

Nuggage: Crippy / Central Florida Strain, very pungent, extremely sticky with a great body high.



New Member
My Entry is White Rhino. they turned out very nice. Very sticky resinous with a nice Hash/asian spice smell, and knock your socks off stone. Spicy and Medicinal.



Plant of the Month: Aug 2011
Here's a cola of Mendocino Purple Monkey Balls...ridiculously sticky and oh soo good!

At harvest:

Cured to perfection:


Nug of the Month: Nov 2010
I dont have any huge nugs to enter. But i got some frosty ones. Check em out

Kali Mist

Blue Cheese x Sour Diesel


New Member
This is a White Widow cola grown in soil and cured for 34 days now. It has a pungent aroma and a rocketing high that comes on hard and fast lasting about 4 hours. Total body rocker.

Keith Lake

Human Resources
420 Staff
We can leave the photos to drool over but only one strain can be entered in the contest - two photos but of the same entry.

Please let us know your choice my friend, otherwise your first entry will be the one that hits the polls ;)

Beautiful specimens ;)


Plant of the Month: Aug 2011
WOW...some b-e-a-utiful buds are being entered this month!! It'll be tough to pick a winner. GL everybody!:goodluck:


New Member
Thought I'd throw my recently harvested BLUE MOON ROCKS from BOG seeds.

Grown inside my Spinner with a 400w hps.

The High is slightly uplifting initially and then the indica comes threw and slams you. Very medicating smoke thats for sure, felt my worries melt away.


Lao Tzu

New Member
Here is my XJ-13 (Jack Herer x G13) R.I.P. Jack Herer we will miss you! your stain is a legend and i can see why A+!:bravo:.

The smell is Fruity, sticky sweet, with a Candy back.
Very Very potent strain that gives you a strong and alert high that will make you stuck on stupid. she is sticky and covered in resin. She was flush real good nothing but white ash at the end of your bowel. this plants yielded around 4.8oz

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