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420 Magazine's Nug of the Month: July 2014

Vote for Nug of the Month - July 2014

  • Dusty Kiefers - Bubblelicious

    Votes: 1 1.1%
  • Stealthgrow - Orange No.4

    Votes: 3 3.3%
  • Tamir - Special Kush #1

    Votes: 5 5.5%
  • COorganics - Bubblegum

    Votes: 4 4.4%
  • DrRosko - Red Poison

    Votes: 4 4.4%
  • Wildwelshman - Moby Dick

    Votes: 4 4.4%
  • Nikolaos - Organic Orange Skunk

    Votes: 4 4.4%
  • Josh223 - Royal Purple Kush

    Votes: 1 1.1%
  • Marzbadrock - Sage N Sour

    Votes: 2 2.2%
  • Crawdaddy - Flowerbomb Kush

    Votes: 6 6.6%
  • Chazmania - Seedsman White Widow

    Votes: 1 1.1%
  • LadyJane420 - Lucy

    Votes: 1 1.1%
  • Scop - Critical Kush

    Votes: 6 6.6%
  • Cola Monster - Jilly Bean

    Votes: 5 5.5%
  • SweetLeef - The Hobbit

    Votes: 5 5.5%
  • Relaxed Lester - Blackberry

    Votes: 14 15.4%
  • Shottafire - Bubba OG

    Votes: 15 16.5%
  • DelphiOracle - Mystery

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Icemud - Black Cherry Cola

    Votes: 2 2.2%
  • Dennise - Sugar Black Rose

    Votes: 6 6.6%
  • Jimmy6000 - Chocolate Fondue

    Votes: 2 2.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


420 Staff
We are now accepting nominations for the Nug of the Month contest.

Please submit a photo of your best nug (there is a separate contest thread for plants.) The nug must be your own, either purchased or grown. Optionally, we'd love to hear about the strain, taste, aroma, potency, effect, weight or any other frosty details that you're willing to share.

The contest will be open for submissions from the 1st through the 15th day of each month. Once all submissions are in, we will begin voting for a winner. Winners are announced on the 1st of each month.

Winners earn 100 rep points, "Nug of the Month" title and a [URL="https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/759/420-Magazine-Nug-Jar-Small.JPG"]420 Magazine Nug Jar[/URL]!


Sierra Natural Science Contributes All Of The Following Items To Our 420 Contest Winners.
Doggett & Simpson Contributes All Of The Following Items To Our 420 Contest Winners.
MagicalButter Contributes The Following Item To Our 420 Contest Winners.
HBI International Contributes All Of The Following Items To Our 420 Contest Winners.
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Shipping fees may apply to packages shipped outside of the U.S. & Canada. We are not responsible for any additional fees applied by customs.

Monthly winners are automatically eligible for our prestigious "Nug of the Year" contest in January.


1. Contest entries must be original photos of your own nug. The nug photo may include several nugs or a cola. This nug may be grown by yourself or purchased at a legal medical Marijuana co-op, collective or dispensary.

2. Entries must include ONLY photos of the nug. But you may add one photo as a reference point for size or a closeup/macro.

3. Maximum of two photos per member. Both photos must be of the same strain or batch of nugs. Updating photos throughout the month is not allowed.

4. Remember to upload your photo through our Photo Gallery before posting it on this thread.
Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

5. Nugs must be "dry" and in "ready to smoke" form.

6. Self-nominations only.

7. Competition is open to the first 25 entries.

8. Promotion (i.e. campaigning) for yourself or a friend, may disqualify the entry.

9. Any attempt at voting more than one time per person (i.e. multiple user names, etc.) or cheating in any other form will result in a permanent disqualification from all future contests.

10. Editing Photos: You may resize and/or crop your photos, however adding text, images and effects are prohibited. This makes it a fair contest for all, as not everyone can afford photo editing programs and/or know how to use them.


Consolidated Entries

Dusty Kiefers - Bubblelicious



Stealthgrow - Orange No.4



Tamir - Special Kush #1



COorganics - Bubblegum



DrRosko - Red Poison



Wildwelshman - Moby Dick



Nikolaos - Organic Orange Skunk



Josh223 - Royal Purple Kush



Marzbadrock - Sage N Sour



Crawdaddy - Flowerbomb Kush



Chazmania - Seedsman White Widow


LadyJane420 - Lucy



Scop - Critical Kush



Cola Monster - Jilly Bean



SweetLeef - The Hobbit



Relaxed Lester - Blackberry



Shottafire - Bubba OG



DelphiOracle - Mystery


Icemud - Black Cherry Cola



Dennise - Sugar Black Rose



Jimmy6000 - Chocolate Fondue




Well-Known Member
Hi everyone.:ciao:

I'd like to submit the bud I got from my dispensary. Orange no.4, its a Hybrid but very Sativa dominate. Taste is very citrusy, lemon or pineapple, and the high is a very "up", clean, happy high. I was smiling til my cheeks were getting sore. Orange no.4 also has a very potent body effect, my legs and arms were tingling, which hasn't happened in a long time with Cannabis for me. My new favorite strain.;)

Thanks & good luck to all entries.



Creme de la Creme Photos: Feb 2017
will be entering my blue chz right around the 15th of the month when it's fully dried and cured a couple days :) good luck everyone!


Well-Known Member
Hello everyone first and foremost, I want to say :420: is the absolute best. You guys have shown me so much and been there with me every step of the way on my first grow. That being said, I am submitting a nug from my first harvest. I present Special Kush #1 from Royal Queen Seeds.

I was skeptical of her taste and potency when I first chopped her down but after drying and a good cure, she definitely has become something special. Very sticky with several speckles of purple. Has a earthy, pine smell and an smooth even smoke witch had a mild citrus taste. After 2 tokes I'm mellow, after 4, the eyes get heavy and I'm looking for something sweet to drink. I couldn't be happier with her outcome.

Ok ok enough blabbing.. Here is Special Kush #1


Man you guys have some great looking buds. Honored to be judged along with them.


Member of the Month: Nov 2014
Howdy 420mag,
How cool is it to participate in these contests? This is my first month ever entering anything. Good luck to all.

Here is some of my Bubblegum. Very dank and sticky. Doesn't require a close manicure as she gets real frosty on the sugar leaves.



Member of the Month: Nov 2014
Stealthgrow, your dispensary herb looks better than just about anything I've ever seen from a store! Nice!


Plant of the Month: Sept 2015 - Nug of the Month: Jan 2016, May 2018, Aug 2020
:bigtoke:Good looking evtries everyone, hopefully my chunky munky will be proper before the deadline or I'll be putting in green crack or sage n sour. Two thumbs up to the mods too for keeping this contest fair. Play fair n have fun


New Member
I hear you i have a few flavors drying now as well, Ima play it safe its rare that I tune in this early tho so it sure is tempting to jus enter some pics but I wanna give my best effort you know what i mean


New Member
Red Poison

Red Poison strain grown in a basic "TLO" style. Just some organicare granulated plus mycorrhizae, teas, epsom salts, molasses, etc..

Smell:Sour cherry candy with a sweet finish. Very clean smelling.
Taste:Aftertaste of same scents!

Very dense and substantial feel. Throw some in a grinder and it's like an experience just grinding it. The result is beautiful red powdered herb.



New Member
Re: Red Poison

So guys this is my first time to enter nug of the month. This is a nug off my last lady which was Moby Dick Auto. The nug was hung to dry for 5 days and it has had about 2 weeks off cure. Hope you all enjoy.



New Member
:bigtoke:Good looking evtries everyone, hopefully my chunky munky will be proper before the deadline or I'll be putting in green crack or sage n sour. Two thumbs up to the mods too for keeping this contest fair. Play fair n have fun

i was gona use my green crack but ill save those ^_^


Active Member
Hi Everyone:

Here's the submission from my most recent grow (Seedsman White Widow):


The taste is fruity almost cherry like and smells dank. The potency is awesome - one hit and I'm good. Effect is an energetic "head high" along with a subtle body buzz (70/30 Sativa/Indica). Effect is long lasting too (several hours). This bud weighed in at 10.6 grams. I'm a relative newbie (4th grow) and plan to step up my game each and every time thanks in large part to 420.


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