420 Magazine's Nug of the Month: March 2018

420 Magazine's Nug of the Month - March 2018

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Teddy Edwards

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Welcome to the 420 Magazine Nug of the Month Contest.

Please submit a photo of your best nug. (There is a separate contest thread for plants)

The nug must be your own, either purchased or grown. Optionally, we'd love to hear about the strain, taste, aroma, potency, effect, weight or any other frosty details that you're willing to share.

The contest will be open for submissions from the 1st until the 14th at midnight PST. At one minute past midnight on the 15th, we will begin voting for a winner.

The winner earns "Nug of the Month" title, 420 Mag T-Shirt, Bic 420 Magazine Lighter, 420 Mag Stickers, 420 Magazine Magnet & Medium 420 Magazine Nug Jar

GROWant Contributes:

MagicalButter Contributes:
420Packaging & Smoke Cones Contribute:
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Crop King Seeds Contributes:
Vapor Warehouse Contributes:
Terpinator Contributes:
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Cannabis Irrigation Supply Contributes:
Shipping fees may apply to packages shipped outside of the U.S.
We are not responsible for any additional fees applied by customs.
Additional information on prize shipping can be found here

With so many contests and even more winners, we unfortunately don't have the time and resources to offer organizing the 'gifting' of prizes anymore. Due to the nature of numerous, confusing logistics involved, delivery times get pushed back weeks waiting for everyone to reply with contact information, which causes delays in getting prizes to everyone. This causes a massive drain on our resources when everyone starts asking where their prizes are and why it's taking so long, some have even gone as far as to complain in public about us being lazy stoners, which couldn't be further from the truth. Mistakes in translations have also occurred, wasting valuable time, energy & shipping costs. Obviously you may pass prizes on yourself, and you are more than welcome to contact the sponsor yourself with a 'gifting' request.

Monthly winners are automatically eligible for our prestigious "Nug of the Year" contest in January.

Contest Guidelines:

1. The contest is open to members with 50 or more posts. Members must also have at least 50 posts to be entitled to vote.

2. Contest entries must be original photos of your own nug. The nug photo may include several nugs or a cola. This nug may be grown by yourself or purchased at a legal medical Marijuana co-op, collective or dispensary.

3. Entries must include ONLY photos of the nug. But you may add one photo as a reference point for size or a closeup/macro.

4. Maximum of two photos per member. Both photos must be of the same strain or batch of nugs. Updating photos throughout the month is not allowed.

5. Remember to upload your photo through our Photo Gallery before posting it on this thread: Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

6. Nugs must be dry and ready to smoke or vaporize. Any nug that appears to be too moist to smoke or vaporize will be deemed an invalid entry. No "wet" nugs please.

7. Self-nominations only. Past winners are ineligible for 3 months from date of win.

8. Competition is open to the first 25 entries.

9. Promotion (i.e. campaigning) for yourself or a friend, or any attempt at voting more than one time per person (i.e. multiple user names, etc.) is considered cheating and is prohibited. Promotion also includes family and friends who register a new account for voting purposes. Campaigning in any form - including but not limited to mentioning the entry in any thread outside the contest, a signature link to the entry and campaigning via PMs - will result in the entry being removed from the month's contest. A second instance, either in a different contest during the same month or in any future contest, will attract a lifetime ban from all future contests.

10. Editing Photos: You may resize and/or crop your photos, however adding text, images and effects are prohibited. This makes it a fair contest for all, as not everyone can afford photo editing programs and/or know how to use the them.

11. Staff members from this or any other cannabis forum/community and/or 420 Magazine sponsors are not permitted to enter our contests.

By posting a submission into this contest, it is assumed that you have read and agree to abide by each of the aforementioned rules. Consider your submission your "virtual signature".

Contests Are Legitimate: Now that votes are publicly visible, it should be obvious who is voting. We have endless ways
of discovering cheating and are always successful. If you are caught cheating, your entry will be deleted and you'll be called out in the public thread, visible to everyone. Reason being that in the past, when we removed the offending entry without any announcement (to help minimize embarrassment for the member), it often led to uninformed (or worse, misinformed) members questioning our motives and calling us censorship nazi's. More often than not, the cheater themselves would claim innocence, causing a higher workload for our staff. For these reasons, we now alert the community of what happened, to save all the confusion and massive workload on our team.

Consolidated Entries

TheFertilizer - Platinum GSC x Cherry OG

RheinRover - Royal Jack Automatic

Itibitiguy - Unnamed

Dom2mac - Bagseed


Dusty Kiefers - Dela Haze x Oregon Lemons

Underthunder - Blue Berry Gum #2

Ilikemsticky - Lemon Snow Cone

PhobosAnomaly - KickAss Auto



Icemud - Blackberry Kush



Cultivator - BLZ


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New Contest Sponsor

We welcome and thank Cannabis Irrigation Supply who this month join the list of sponsors who support 420 Magazine's Nug of the Month contest.

Please check them out. It's thanks to sponsors like them that 420 Magazine exists as a free resource for you, and allows us all to further our shared mission.

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I can watch and dream...

Hey there! @Teddy Edwards I'm not sure if it's a me thing again but when I press the links to the other contests you posted it tries to take me into the app.

Do you suggest we uninstall the app until the new one is up and running?
Hey there! @Teddy Edwards I'm not sure if it's a me thing again but when I press the links to the other contests you posted it tries to take me into the app.

Do you suggest we uninstall the app until the new one is up and running?

The app is dead. Now the site is mobile friendly, just access it on your mobile device using the Google Chrome browser. Here's a useful support thread - Brand New Forums & Gallery. Any problems. post there and staff or members will help you out.

The links in all my contest posts today need updating. We had a lot of tweaking to do because the polls were posted before the new software was imported, so updating links is a job for me tomorrow.

@Teddy Edwards okay thanks. And I am aware the app is no more. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Didn't seem like something I should bother Rob with. Thanks for all you hard work.

I would like to enter my blackberry kush in this months contest. This strain was so covered in trichomes that when taking a hit of it, it tasted almost like pure hash... Such an incredible strain... both photos are taken in natural sunlight, but for some reason the color saturation slightly changed between photos... even though they are taken of the same harvest on the same day...


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