420 Magazine's Nug of the Month: March 2018

420 Magazine's Nug of the Month - March 2018

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On review by the 420 Staff, Icemann420's entry has been judged to be wet and removed from the contest.

It had received no votes, so none need to be re-allocated.

Note: I am aware that there are a number of votes here from members with fewer than 50 posts. The new system does not currently allow me to remove these votes (should do in time for next month), so I will be doing a full re-count just before announcing the winner on the 1st April.

I cannot see Icemuds pics. I can see all other pics but wanting to see Icemuds before I vote.

Did it ever get fixed? seems to display ok on mine.. maybe try a different browser?
Thanks IM! I didn't think of that but it worked, pics came up on my phone. They did not come up on my iPad but all the others did, weird. Either way, vote has been cast.


Weird...not working on my iPad either.
The Result

Congratulations to this month's winner, Cultivator and his BLZ.

Between the two front-runners, each had one vote disallowed from members with fewer than 50 posts. So it has made no difference to the result.

:bravo: Cultivator, and especial commiserations to Underthunder.
Congratulations on the well deserved win Cultivator!:bravo::high-five::slide:
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