420 Magazine's Official Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow By Brett Blaze


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Stage - Flower Day 53 - 104 days above ground
#1 Bloom Day 36
#2 Bloom Day 41
Approximate Days until Harvest - 7

The ladies are about a week away from harvest and are doing great. The colas keep getting bigger and heavier. Not much else to report. I'm just getting anxious for the harvest.

Today's update consists of a photo flood so enjoy.

Today's Photos:

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I am into my second grow so I'm still trying to figure out these plants. I heard a lot from Harley Smith about making short stocky plants. I took this to heart and now I've got some beautifully short stocky plants. I didn't make as much space as I would like to have between the top of the pots and plants. I look at yours and wonder, why is there so much space here? Why do you trim them up so high?


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This was/is a great journal to learn from. I'll chime in since I saw and figured I may be able to offer some insight.

That technique is called lollipopping. It is an effort to strip any foliage and growth below the primary canopy. Something I should have done in my GSC grow. By doing what Blaze did, you force the plant to push growth hormones into the remaining canopy. Increases bud sizes and also improves the overall health of of plant by allowing more airflow in and out. You would be surprised how much these plants can transpire and if they are tangled up in fan leaves and unnecessary larfy buds, you could be opening yourself up to prime locations for mold/mildew and pests to hide and thrive.

I really should have pruned more on my plants. I am also new to growing this plant. It certainly responds to just about any training wonderfully. Seeing what I'm dealing with right now in my dry and cure process, I would MUCH rather deal with less quantity and have the highest quality possible. That is possible with pruning and training.

I hope this helps. Blessings!
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