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I'm late to your grow, Lime but I'd like to follow along.

And, because I'm late and because you're a stoner like me, I brought some GSC to smoke. Unfortunately, it's not Weedseedsexpress but it still will get you high. :3:



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Hi Lime.

I have no info on what medium you'll be growing in and what nutes you'll be using. Could you please let me know?

Medium is Sunshine Mix #4
Haven't used any nutrients yet just plain water.

Will be using sponsored nutrients this round. I just received a package in the mail from @GeoFlora Nutrients.

Will do an update on specs, now that I know what I'm using lol ...didn't want to do a write up without having product on hand, thats why I haven't done a complete write up of specs and products ill be using.


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:thumb: :goodjob: :popcorn:


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See what happens when you miss a day ... they grow...

Gave em a top dress of @GeoFlora Nutrients and watered. No ph adjustment ?

Thank you for the Sponsored Nutrients!

Its quite a different nutrient than I'm use too... but always open to try out different products.
I haven't seen any issues ph adjusting my water down to the normal 6.8 they typically get from just adding in calcium, magnesium, iron to the ro I use plus @Sierra Natural Science 209 I add in. Just takes one acid drop to a gallon after adding to my ro water before adding in anything else and I'm at 6.8 every time.
But I guess It all depends on if your growing in soil and who you talk to because I for some reason think I know what my plants want lol but most soils don't need to be PhD from what I here and read. You could do a soil test if you think your acidic by either using a probe test or this process from Google that seems to be easy enough.
  1. Dig for a Sample
  2. Place 1 to 3 Teaspoons of Soil in a Clean Glass
  3. Pour in Distilled Water
  4. Agitate the soil Vigorously by Stirring or Swirling
  5. Pour Sample Through a Coffee Filter and Into Another Clean Glass
  6. Dip the ph Strip into the Liquid
  7. Repeat the Process

Hope this helps sorry I'm late lime!
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