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420 Magazine's Official Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow By Motafina


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Thanks to 420 Magazine and Weed Seeds Express for providing the Girl Scout Cookies seeds for this grow.

I'll be following my usual methods and routines with a couple of exceptions, all described below.

Environment: Indoors, 4x4 tent
Medium: Supersoil - once-used Coast of Maine Stonington blend re-amended similar to Sub Cool's recipe
- Seedling/early veg - CFLs
- Veg/Early Flower - 400w MH
- Flower - 1000w HPS
Ventilation: 2x6" inline fans (intake and extraction), 3xCircular fans
Nutrients: Fish On! liquid fish fertilizer, Nectar for the Gods (custom regimen), possibly other additions
Techniques: I have a fairly lazy and gadget-free approach to growing cannabis. I use tap water. I test pH using liquid drops as I'm too disorganized to trust myself to keep a pH pen clean and calibrated. I have no temperature or humidity control other than by using ventilation. I don't do slurry tests or runoff tests or even monitor temperature or humidity. I'll be topping the plants twice and applying some LST and supercropping as necessary. I do use a cheap digital microscope to check trichomes at harvest.

I typically veg for 8 weeks, but will only be going 6 weeks for this grow for a couple of reasons:
  1. Due to summer heat, I'll need to keep the plants shorter than normal
  2. My prime growing run is between late July and December, so I'll need this one to finish around the beginning of August so I can start that grow.
And so, here they are!
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Friendly reminder to everyone that this grow must only include the GSC from Weed Seeds Express exclusively.

If you are growing in a tent, please make sure it's GSC exclusively :thanks:


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Thanks Baked! Should be fun following along with all these growers doing the same strain.

Yeah...I'm glad I saw that when I did. I was going to put some autos in the same tent. Glad I didn't pop them yet! Whew...looks like I'm going to have a tent full of some GSC! Can't be mad at that! Haaa haaaa


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Here are the girls at 12 days:

They'll stay in these pots for another week or so, then I'll transplant to 1-gal plastic pots.

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U the first to call me on my name lol ,,yeah I agree on phineas phreak being the best ,,he always down for a 'psychedelic experience' of some sort :19:
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