420 Magazine's Official Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow

Nice to see all those jars lined up, @Moto258 wow!

Back with some more sticky sticker pics from today.

Thanks @DonkeyDick !! Your garden is looking nice an tasty my friend I'm jealous! I've got nothing stinking up the place at the moment but im about to take some cuts from the gsc mom I kept around to start up a run then I'll be off to breeding her on to something special. I might need to purchase some more circle stickers from the 420 store tho cause for some reason I get sticker slap happy and slap them on every corner on most things that stand out to try and prove I grow cannabis to myself. Funny thing is no one even sees my cave of the wonders and glory so the advertising is only good for the 420 magazine lol!
I get sticker slap happy and slap them on every corner on most things that stand out to try and prove I grow cannabis to myself.

I just got some more recently! Thanks again @420 for all the


blessings of sponsorships and goodies that have come my way while here in this community. I don't have a lot with the round stickers. I have not put up the new ones yet because I was waiting to see where the current grow would end up. But this is what I found going back the past couple months that may work...or not. Haa haaa. I only have seedlings in the tent right now if I were to try and get newer pics.

First, thanks again to sponsor @Weed Seeds Express for providing great GSC Fem genetic seeds for this comparative grow, @420 for coordinating and hosting the grow and also to the 420 growers here who taught me a lot once again. Harvest update: Day 134 from sprout (19 weeks). Chop was at end of week 16, so Veg 7 weeks, Flower 9 weeks, and dry/cure approximately 3 weeks. I dry and cure in my dark grow cabinet with just the 4” fan pulling in HEPA filtered air down low and out through the carbon filter and vent up top. Conditions are stable at 64F and 50% RH in the unfinished part of my basement, same in the cabinet with no lights, soil, etc. Hang/initial dry was 6-9 days, depending on the plant. I like to dry trim buds at around 68-70% RH. Once buds are trimmed they go into large glass jars with mini humidity gauges. The little gauges vary in accuracy a bit so I first place all of them in a jar with a couple 62% Boveda humidity packs overnight. The next day I select 4 that read closest to 62%. If humidity after being sealed overnight is higher than 72% I will dump trimmed buds on the trim tray to dry out overnight before re-jarring. Once at 72% I then open the jars about twice daily to introduce oxygen for the bacteria and to vent out humidity. I keep up this process until all jars are at 60% RH, then seal tightly and turn off my 4” fan. The glass burp/cure took from 13 to 16 days, now all at 60%. I break down each pheno into 1/2 ozs. and add a Boveda pack to each jar for longer term cure and storage in a cool dark and dry place. The tester buds pinched from the cure jars are smaller but very high quality, sticky, with high terpene smells that vary a bit by plant. This is my 6th grow, so dealt out sixes to all at sprout. Yield update: 6♦️59 grams, 6♣️ 38 grams, 6♥️ 47 grams, 6 ♠️ 49 grams = 6.9 ozs cured organic bud, plus 98 grams (3.5 ozs.) nice sugar leaf trim for hash or butter. I know I smoked at least 3 grams of testers, so calling bud yield 7 ozs. from my 3x3 grow cabinet.




Pics are from weigh in today. I just remembered I accidentally lost two main bud sites during LST, which explains the 38 gram plant. Planning next grow now. Cheers
Great result
Hey, Chef.

Yeah, I thought that it was a bit weird but it wasn't until I saw you comment that I thought that maybe she had been seeded. I just went and starred at her for a while and I think she's fine. There are more pistils coming through now as well so I think I will give her a little more time. This is her on flowering day 51....
I get a second pistil burst most grows . The gsc I have growing looked done at week 6 and I nearly pulled it for harvest with a grin but knew they were too early , left them and now hitting the second flush of pistils finally in week 7 flower. I am on autos and not part of this comparative grow but by luck popped 2 G.s.c . They look bang on now and due out any day now in think. What a strain. Good to see you Prof. Kicking some ass too brother with that beauty. Heres a couple of pics of my ladies too. Not the biggest due to autos but a beautiful honk and strain so far. Be lucky and wasted
Harvested and drying. Temps are 12C and humidity is 50%....

These plants are fantastic and are high quality. The effects are strong and the flavour is great. It's going to be a Girl Scout Cookies Christmas!
Only just posted on your pics then you harvest!!!. Lol . Another excellent harvest on the profs grow. Looks a bumper one too. Nice job seems a piss take to say brother but wow , nice job. Wish I had jumped on here earlier and joined the fun more . Been on the autos too long now and need some photoperiod fun now. Being happy with a 3oz harvest is getting too comfortable now and I want some big bertha buds again .lol have had good results but very different to photo fun. Carch you soon Prof. Be lucky brother
Nice to see all those jars lined up, @Moto258 wow!

Back with some more sticky sticker pics from today.

Bloody hell bro , even you on this too. How did I miss the fun here ??. Fucking autos had me under their spell too long. Nice . Have been busy , busy and had a seeding from an auto run that gave me so many good auto seeds and variety. Covered for years on autos now .hahaha. escaping at harvest of the last auto run and coming back to photoperiods. About to harvest some gsc and some Amnesia , then the last 6 fast buds ( gone monster somehow!) Good to see you still kicking some excellence out then room with new lighting too ?.
Merry Christmas everyone.

It's finally time to crack open the jars and have some properly cured Girl Scout Cookies....

Now it's time to sit down for Christmas dinner with some cookies for dessert....and starters.

Hope you're all having a great day.
Here's a more formal Charley brown setting lol! (Hash tag GSC mom!)

I absolutely LOOOOVE those mommas in the bonsai pots! Serious man crush moment...but I will let it dissipate this time.

I may need to get in your brain for a while about keeping mommas happy. I'd like to start keeping mother plants for special cuts.
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