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She changes every day and I have no idea what to expect. Learning through action. Wax on... wax off... saving the planet one gesture at a time ;) This is a seeding Transkei / aMaphondo sativa landrace plant.

Mr. Magoo

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Inquiring minds want to know. Is it as deadly as it looks? Because it looks awsome.
Haven’t sampled yet! Lol. Letting her cure till the end of this week. Smells like straight up cheery jolly ranchers though.


Grow Journal of the Month: Nov 2019


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Hey 420 fam! Here is my entry for this moths contest. While photographing my Black Peruvian Diesel, I noticed one of the most dreaded enemies of Cannabis growers, a Moth egg, (the little green sphere tucked in the bud). Growing outside is challenging enough without these little suckers running around, biting, pooping, turning the hard work of patience into crap. All in all the plant did better than expected, so well that I am running her indoors to see what she does. The buds smell like a drum of diesel fuel and skunky bubble gum. F'n moths....
tweezer time!

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Wow, lots of great images already this month! I'll throw this one in this month. It is a side branch of my C99 outdoor girl. The cooler night temps brought out a bit of colouring.

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