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420 Magazine's Photo of the Month: October 2019

Old Salt

Member of the Month: Apr 2019
What does that mean?
Members can submit entries for the Plant, Nug, and Photo of the Month contests. Another member can submit your name to the staff for consideration as Member of the Month.

Plant, Nug, and Member of the Month are voted on by members with 50 or more posts.

The staff at 420Magazine considers the submissions for Member of the Month, and other members they think have added to the site, and selects those the rest of us can vote for.

The staff at 420Magazine judges the entries for the Photo of the month contest, and chooses the winners.

The staff at 420Magazine selects an active journal as the winner of the Journal of the Month.


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Congrats winners :thumb:

Thanks Teddy and :420:


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Congrats to the winners!! :thumb:


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Congrats everyone!
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