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420 Magazine's Plant of the Month: February 2019

420 Magazine's Plant of the Month: February 2019

  • Zigzagburning - Strawberry Diesel

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  • Tipistroy - Auto Critical Orange Punch

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  • Hash Hound - Original Glue

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  • AndIhalped - Amnesia Hash

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Hash Hound

Plant of The Month: 2012 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Dec 2016, June 2017


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Well-Known Member
I'm gonna start this month off with a couple shots of my organic sun room grown Jilly Bean-Pheno #4 as she gets ready for harvest.:ganjamon: Best of luck to one and all!:goodluck:

I could stare at your room and your lady friend there all day long. Your music selection is superb also my friend. Do you need a roommate?? Just saying...:Namaste::goodjob::yummy::ganjamon:


Plant of the Month: Sept 2018
This is Golden Pineapple I have in Doc Buds high brix soil. She’s in a 15 gal. Pot and at 73 days post flip.

Her trichs are numerous and so aromatic this run with her. Sweet rich sticky pineapple with a hint of fuelishness!:p

The effects are “roll ya sleeves up and get stuff done”, very uplifting, energizing, and a clear head. Snapped a bud shot with the flash to highlight the frost.



Nug of the Month: Feb 2014
Here we go, now with the girl accessible and a closer look at the rules I'm thankful to our friend Teddy Edwards helping get on track. Thank you!

This is my Kickflip number 2 pheno. She's a cross between the original Supernova Purple Punch crossed with a PB & jealous (PB Breath cross) male bred by THC Titan at Square One Genetics.
Interesting as it has OGKB in the lineage.

Cheers all, much love and Happy Growing:Namaste:
Nice nice I am doing Purple Punch this year. If it looks like your nugs ill be happy.


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Let's get some outdoorica into the party. These are unconventional shots given the contest context, but this plant was a total joy--Amnesia Hash Plant. First one is early in flower, second is right before chop taken at night, with complementary spliff smoke, too.
The buzz is wonderfully upper, quite mindbending & very longlasting (3+hrs).

Great entries, all!


Photo of the Month: Jan 2019


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Hi all. This is Golden Goat. Took a few pictures of it as it was growing.View attachment 1718721View attachment 1718722
Jimmy - You’re my new fucking hero, dude. This is AWESOME. The goat holds a very special place in my heart and this is just incredible. I’m taking a few screenshots of this and going to ask my buddy send them to Mr. Dank. Just totally rad man, killer job.
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