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420 Magazine's Plant of the Month: July 2014

Vote for Plant of the Month - July 2014

  • PeeJay - White Panther

    Votes: 2 1.8%
  • Waknbak88 - Bubbleicious

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Relaxed Lester - Blackberry

    Votes: 7 6.3%
  • Spimp - GDP

    Votes: 7 6.3%
  • Crawdaddy - Buddha

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • COorganics - Critical Kush

    Votes: 5 4.5%
  • Gfcollective - Belly of the Beauty

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • DrRosko - Grandaddy Purp

    Votes: 11 9.8%
  • Dennise - Wild Thai

    Votes: 4 3.6%
  • NOCO Farmer - Tahoe OG

    Votes: 3 2.7%
  • JadeLotus - Mystery Bag Seed

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • Marzbadrock - Chunky Munky

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • Trichomes - Purple Kush

    Votes: 7 6.3%
  • Dusty Kiefers - Jock Horror

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • SoilGirl - Pineapple Kush

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • Scop - Critical Kush

    Votes: 2 1.8%
  • Mono - Sage N Sour

    Votes: 3 2.7%
  • Dyold - Hashberry

    Votes: 25 22.3%
  • Cola Monster - Jilly Bean

    Votes: 13 11.6%
  • SpiaksKush22 - Big Bang

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • Elibrium - Snowcap X LA Con

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • SweetLeef - The Hobbit

    Votes: 2 1.8%
  • ChiliHead - Bag Seed

    Votes: 2 1.8%
  • Cannabis 1 - Fruity Juicy Chronic

    Votes: 4 3.6%
  • Labexperiment - Brainstorm Haze

    Votes: 8 7.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


420 Staff
Please submit a photo of your best plant (there is a separate contest thread for nugs.) We will only accept a self-nomination. The contest will be open for submissions from the 1st through the 15th day of each month. Once all submissions are in, we will begin voting for a winner. Winners are announced on the 1st of each month.

Winners earn 100 rep points, "Plant of the Month" title and a 420 Magazine Nug Jar!


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Monthly winners are automatically eligible for our prestigious "Plant of the Year" contest; to be held in January.


1. Contest entries must be original photos of your own plant(s).

2. Entries must include ONLY photos of the plant(s). You may add one inanimate object as a reference point for size or a closeup/macro. No nudity.

3. Maximum of two photos per member. Updating photos throughout the month is not allowed.

4. Remember to upload your photo through our Photo Gallery before posting them on this thread.
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5. Self-nominations only.

6. Contest is open to the first 25 entries.

7. Promotion (i.e. campaigning) for yourself or a friend, may disqualify the entry.

8. Any attempt at voting more than one time per person (i.e. multiple user names, etc.) or cheating in any other form will result in a permanent disqualification from all future contests.

9. Editing Photos: You may resize and/or crop your photos, however adding text, images and effects are prohibited. This makes it a fair contest for all, as not everyone can afford photo editing programs and/or know how to use them.


Consolidated Entries

PeeJay - White Panther



Waknbak88 - Bubbleicious



Relaxed Lester - Blackberry



Spimp - GDP



Crawdaddy - Buddha



COorganics - Critical Kush



Gfcollective - Belly of the Beauty



DrRosko - Grandaddy Purp



Dennise - Wild Thai



NOCO Farmer - Tahoe OG



JadeLotus - Mystery Bag Seed



Marzbadrock - Chunky Munky



Trichomes - Purple Kush



Dusty Kiefers - Jock Horror



SoilGirl - Pineapple Kush



Scop - Critical Kush



Mono - Sage N Sour



Dyold - Hashberry



Cola Monster - Jilly Bean



SpiaksKush22 - Big Bang



Elibrium - Snowcap X LA Con



SweetLeef - The Hobbit


ChiliHead - Bag Seed



Cannabis 1 - Fruity Juicy Chronic



LabExperiment - Brainstorm Haze




Plant of the Month: Oct 2015 - Nug of the Month: Oct 2015
I’m entering this plant for its entertainment value, not because it will be a strong contender. Off the bat, the white flowers are silk orchid sprays from the dollar store. They are there to give an extra measure of stealth if nosey people peer through the screening that keeps it out of view. It can’t be a pot plant if it has flowers like that on it, right? Credit for this tactic goes to member Gardenfaerie. It is inexpensive and effective at making the plant look like a nondescript ornamental shrub from any distance over about six feet away.



That isn’t the only thing entertaining about the plant. The seed was popped way back in January as part of some experiments done by Cannafan and myself to minimize stretch and get tight node formation.

After the experiment was done the plant languished for months in a veg box that only has ~30” of clearance under cfl. It had no clear future. I forgot to water it frequently. At some point it was root pruned and moved from a 1 gallon pot of my complete organic soil to two gallons. It was topped a few times. It was a sad plant when I decided to put it in 10 gallons of soil and set it out on the deck June 1st; around 135 days old. Since then it has grown well even though daytime temperatures have been in the high 90’s and humidity has been single digit (low teens on a good day.)

The strain is White Panther from the folks at Ceres. Originally it was called White Smurf and was renamed White Panther in honor of the legendary John Sinclair. It was a cup winner in Amsterdam back in 2002, I believe. Genetics are an unknown 50/50 hybrid. It is a dwarf strain that is not supposed to grow much taller than three feet. This strain can really take a beating. I reckon an idiot could grow it in beach sand with a flashlight for lighting.


Well-Known Member
Here is my nirvana bubbleicious started indoors then moved outside then moved back inside under a 1000 watt hps she sits in 35 gallons of Promix with diff guano and lime. I topped dress with worm castings and bat poo and water with molasses every two weeks.

Lester Freeman

Well-Known Member
Decided to toss in my "bud-on-a-stick" pheno of Nirvana's Blackberry (which is Rasberry Cough x Black Domino). This was apart of this year's spring force flowered crop. The specimen wasn't fimmed or LSTed which is another reason why it turned out the way it did. This particular phenotype had a much more sour and skunky addition to the fruity and chocolately Blackberry. Grown outdoors on the ocean in locally made organic soil. A variety of different nutrients were used ranging from organic bat guano teas brewed for 24 hours, to SNS-604B, as well as ~3 applications of full strength D&S Step 3.




New Member
Well doubt this has a chance but f-it never entered one of these things, might as well bust my cherry. Maybe I will get one vote at least lol.

This is one of my first autoflowers ever grown, was from a Buddha assorted pack, this one is my favorite of the 8 that sprouted and grew well(1 never popped and 1 just did not grow well at all)



Member of the Month: Nov 2014
Howdy 420 mag.
Here is a Barney's Critical Kush I grew recently.
It was grown all naturally using sound organic methods.


I grew this one in a 10 gal


New Member
Grandaddy Purp

Organic soil grown Ken Estes' Grandaddy Purp strain... :439: The DanksMcGanks of the Danks.
Just came down last week! Right on time for a photo-op. Next month will be my 100% Durban Poison plant. Looks like she's coming down in a couple weeks! :smokin:



Well-Known Member
I would like to enter my Wild Thai 44 days in bloom. She is in a 7 gallon pot using D&S Growology nutes under a ZNet4..... The competition looks amazing so far but I think she is pretty........:circle-of-love:


New Member
pictures of plants dont need to be budding do they? i seem to be the only one in veg. all of your guys plants look amazing! nice job growing fellow green thumbers!


Edit : and peejays plant i guess, but his is amazing ingenuity going on there. great idea (does it effect the taste of the flowers do you know)


New Member
my first entry into plant of the month so i wasnt hoping to win. just thought it was cool and hey, you cant say you tried if you didnt participate. for some reason i thought budded plants would go into the nug category but then read that they have to be dried so this makes sense why they are here.

its all for the love of the plant and to share the beauty of them with others. and now i get updates on my cell when others post their beautiful plants. win win



New Member
How do i put up a pic im lost here

StonerCJ welcome to 420mag! at the very top of your page you will see a button called gallery, once clicked on gallery you will see a button called Upload photo. click that and it should be a easy process from there.

once uploaded , inside your comment box there will be a picture of a camera next to a film roll, click that and u will be able to post your uploaded pictures. hope this helps!

others have great tutorials on it, if i find i will let you know. believe CoFinest has one i will go check.



Plant of the Month: Sept 2015 - Nug of the Month: Jan 2016, May 2018, Aug 2020
(Chunky Munky) grown in soil all organic. Had this strain going for 4 years now, this plant here is about 50 generations. She has a hashy smell with grape undertones. Smooth smoke with a a very light fruityness that tickles your nose, good for night time.
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