420 Magazine's Plant of the Month: July 2022

420 Magazine's Plant of the Month: July 2022

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Grow Journal of the Month: Sept 2021; Nug of the Month: Feb 2022
Congrats BC, a win here and second in PHOTM! That garden has been very good to you! It’s also off the charts gorgeous. Almost as if you picked strains of different colors with the end pictures in mind, lol. I’d do that garden. Heh.

Krissi Carbone

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Congrats Bionic Chronic! Beautiful two-toned plant. :thumb:
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Bionic Chronic NZ

Plant of the Month: July 2022
Congratulations to
:adore: July's Plant of the Month Winner! :adore:

Bionic Chronic NZ - Godfather OG x Granddaddy Purple



Wow! thank you, thank you, thank you.
Firstly thanks to @420 for providing such an awesome platform for people to do what we do and be in a great community... Thank you.
Second thanks to everyone who entered and voted, there's some some beautiful pic's.
Last thanks to @Grand Daddy Black for encouraging me to put my photos from my grow into the contest, thank you GDB!!! my man!
Have a great day and i really appreciate all of the comments!!! have a dab, bong or doobie!
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Cola Monster

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A belated congratulations on your P.O.T.M. win for July @Bionic Chronic NZ.:bravo: She was a real beauty!😍
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