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420 Magazine's Plant of the Month: March 2022

420 Magazine's Plant of the Month: March 2022

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Day 23 of flower
Looks great keep up the awesome work


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Pheno from breakfast in Paris I grew last year. Smells are very fruity lasted 43 days in flower. @GeoFlora Nutrients are the culprits to such great success all the way to harvest!


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West Hippie

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Nice picture
Tried to delete that pic three times. It can't be entered cause not whole plant. Got have the whole plant. Not partial.


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White widow/Cherry Pie/random fire seed that I call Willow. Grows amazing in veg and just as good in flower. Great strain for pain and energy! Week 5 flower, grown under the @Maxsisun PB1500. Thanks for checking me out! Good luck everyone.

Very awesome plant way to go very good job


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I'm gonna come up here behind my friend TK2 and his beautiful garden and throw in one from my own.

Re-entering Gigi was an option for me but I just have absolutely loved this girl Onyx from the start.

Sirius Black photoperiod c/o @Weed Seeds Express

Sitting at 58 days flower, specs have her running to 63 and she smells like a berry farm. A cornucopia of berry goodness; full bred strain whose origins lie with the Oregon Breeders Co.

Good luck everyone!! This is definitely my favorite category to watch!


Great job love colors it has


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