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MEGA 4/20 Sale at EZVapes.com!

So it's time for another 4/20 sale and with so much to celebrate we are doing it even bigger this year!

The unadvertised coupon below has only been made available to our newsletter subscribers AND 420 Magazine members and is not posted anywhere else (but feel free to share) ...

So instead of the already amazing site wide savings of 16% we are offering for the 4/20 sale publicly on our website, the coupon code below is good for a FULL 20% off any of the OVER 800 PRODUCTS (not just vapes) we stock at EZVapes.com! You will NOT find a larger selection of products ANYWHERE online at these prices and with 20% off the deals just simply cannot be beat.

Redeem your coupon by placing an order at EZVapes.com anytime between April 18th and April 21st by calling the number on our website during normal business hours or just enter your code during checkout to get the instant savings!

Get more info on the sale here: Save Big at EZVapes.com for 4/20!

Happy 4/20 Everyone! :Namaste: Thanks for another great year! :thanks:
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