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Just ordered a Black Silver Surfer GG from Vape Nation... Put in 420 in the discount code box, got $46.95 off the order! Niiiice. Plus several free gifts, like a grinder, water ice something or other thing, couple other things.

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Single Seed Centre - Delicious Seeds

While stocks last, their good friends at Delicious Seeds are offering you two free feminized seeds worth over $25 with every* order!

Delicious Seeds put all their efforts into providing pleasurable and global experiences. Supported by the best breeders, they have selected the best varieties for the enjoyment of the most exclusive growers.

HI we added many new products in the site
Big Head Seeds
Blim Burn Seeds
Grand Daddy Purp
Sin City
and many more

came and have a look we added many discount also :cheer:

2% discount if you buy 2 or more products
5% discount if you buy 5 or more products
10% discount if you buy 10 or more products
15% discount if you buy 50 or more products

10% if you use discount code

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