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i would like to thank user and cozmo for bringing our 420 news department back to life!

user has been promoted to news mod...
cozmo is our new news hawk...

both have tremendous energy for educating the masses...
i couldn't be happier than right now, seriously...:3:

thanks guys!!!

everyone please give a warm welcome and standing ovation for these two.


:31: :adore: :headbang:
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Sweet, I like news.

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
:3: Thanks Ya'll.

Its good to be back and working to educate and hopefully find some entertaining news as well as the serious. I can see that Cozmo has been doing a great job so far. I enjoy hunting down the stories and sharing them with you. If anyone ever sees a story that we miss and you think it should be seen feel free to pm it to me and if we use it I'll be sure and give ya a credit for it in the post.

If you can think of ways the news team can better serve you don't hesitate to pm me.
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