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420 On Soil Tri Mutant Gorilla Auto Crazy Conditions Survivor

Mutant Gorilla posing at day 7 a good day for a clowdy day out

Hum, so where do i start...

Helloooooo everystonerbody this is my first attempt at growing from seed to harvest ever, i've done some experiments before and killed everyone of them due to visits or just pure mental illness. But this time... imma take it to the finish, even tho some of yall may end up thinking: "pffff, haha" and moving on, i do hope some of yall come back just to check how far have they made it.

Getting back on topic, i got this seeds from Growbarato, its a nice online shop, got some cheap seeds at 3,50€, and well i got myself some of thooose.
Cause i lack €€€!!!! Keep in mind how i'm poor as F.
So i had this grow tent with 80cmx80x160, and a 600w cfl, ballast, and nothing else. I put it togheter, got a 20 yo vent and put it inside the tent wich btw, is doing absolutely nothing about the heat, and kept on overwatering, giving some stress due to taking it outside WHENEVER I WANT and some dark too, not on a schedule but just randomly when the stuff is getting too hot and i want to sleep.
And well well well, and mutant arrised, i see this is weird but weird is just my kind of stuff, so i'm keeping this one for sure, in the company of 1 autoflowering AK wich is 1 day younger and yet a bigger brother.

Im gonna be posting pictures of the upcoming news of them and gonna take daily photos.

If anyone wants any information please do say so, cause i don't really know what to tell you guys, but im gonna learn in time.

They were both switched between CFL, HPS 600w, energysaver cold white 14w, and brother sun's light.

I give water drip by drip every 3h + or - on the plant, and far around it.
I put some bat poop i found in my house, don't ask, into the soil, some roots nutrient that i got for free with seeds, and some cow poop too, compost earth that my family has been putting togheter for about 30+ (so i guess thst gives me some slack).

Here are some pics.

Both of these are day 7


This one's at day 9 , lil bit more light, but a huge difference from the cold white energy saver i had her under most of the time.

Now this one is at day... 9, still day 9. When i took her back inside.

This one is today, day 11, after 2h in the tentoven at 39°.
Im gonna try to adapt them to it but... no guarantees.

And to not leave this one out, here is the AK brother. 1 day younger. Photo taken today too tho.

Now let there be light. And i want some advice too if anyone notices something and is willing to USE(not waste) the time writing it.

Thanks and good growing everystonerbody.
Day 12
Still overwatering, overheating, and with very little air flowing.

Day 13 today
No water yet gonna cut the overwatering now but keeping the overheating problem, still not giving any feed to her but lets see. I changed to 16h 600w and 8h By the window with the support of assist lights. So its a sort of rest.

She seems to adapt to the overheating as growing is getting faster and more vigorous even with the over 35° temps, at first they just seem to not grow in there and simply be trying to survive it like a heat wave (i introduced her to the heat and extra light by 1h There first, she went a bit bad and i took her out and recovered, then 1h again the next day and then 3h That same day at the end of the day, she did ok, but i took her out anyway, during this time she grew very little, but stopped streetching, maybe she figured,( hey down here is better fk dat streetching hehe,) now is dealing well with the heat 12h so im gonna change to this new plan.
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