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Hi Everyone,

Many of you are aware that there has been a great deal of drama here recently. We want to explain to you all exactly what has been going on in order to calm everything down and return to what we're here for - promoting Cannabis and Hemp awareness and spreading knowledge and information in a civilized and mature environment.

There have been multiple posts putting out partial or distorted information. For the record, here are the facts, presented without side or bias.

There are two elements which together have become a conflagration.

The first involves Duggan, Doc Bud and the High Brix group.

We received multiple complaints regarding Duggan's bullying of other members and we asked both Doc Bud and Duggan to try to be more respectful to fellow members and to stop using the term "gang". The word "gang" obviously brings many negative connotations, particularly in the world of drugs, and we explained that it was time to evolve our energy in the widening legal environment, out of the dark and into the light. Doc and Duggan initially readily agreed to change to "Hi Brix Growers Group" which sounds much more professional in the new legalized world, and retained the "HBGG" acronym.

Unfortunately, Doc and Duggan then joined in with their followers who suggested terms such as "cartel" and "syndicate". We advised them that this was not in the spirit of our recent agreement. It only served to whip members into a frenzy and negatively impact the community by furthering the whole gang mentality. We explained that the whole point of changing the language was to change the behavior and that continuing the behavior made changing the word "gang" pointless. For this, we were mocked and made the target of jokes for something we all agreed to. This was extremely rude and inconsiderate, and at a time when all we were doing was trying to restore harmony to the 420 community.

We wanted to be sure it was clear that we do not allow or support this type of behavior which only serves to attract similar mindsets and push good people away. We told Doc and Duggan that it was unfair to our community and we could not allow it to continue any longer.

Duggan took exception to this. He rounded his Hi Brix followers against us, moved to another forum and - most importantly - started to recruit members away from 420 Magazine and encouraged his followers also to join the recruitment effort. This is explicitly against our Posting Guidelines.

This is not the first time. Duggan has created drama here, on and off for many years. Some time ago he did exactly the same, throwing a tantrum, moving to a competitive forum and creating a "420 Rogues" group. He soon saw the error of his ways and returned. At that time, we reached out a hand of friendship and allowed him back.

We cannot however go through all this again, and Duggan is, unfortunately, no longer welcome here. We do not have the resources or the patience. It eats up all our energy and time and distracts from our mission.

The second spark to the fire was the banning of popular member, Preston. This was truly unfortunate, was done with reluctance and after a long discussion with him to which, out of respect for his past work here, we dedicated a great deal of time.

Preston started a thread advising members how to attract sponsors to their journals. There was nothing at all wrong with this, however he then began promoting Instagram. Promoting other social networking sites is against our Posting Guidelines, as we naturally would like to keep our valued members on 420 Magazine. Historically, allowing these kind of links has resulted in multiple recruiting posts for other social websites, distracting from our mission.

Preston was asked not to promote other social networking sites here. However despite repeated, patient, reasoned requests from us, he turned to irrational name-calling and insults and posting rants about us all over the website, as well as on other social media. We were sorry to let him go, however ultimately we can't tolerate such behavior.

We are still genuinely at a loss to understand what turned him from the valued member that he was, though we have since settled our differences and wish him well.

These are the facts. We present them to you in the sincere hope that this knowledge will put out the fires of speculation and allow us all to return to business as usual.

This, as we like to say, is not our first rodeo. For the best part of 30 years we have been the leading channel for Cannabis and Hemp awareness. We have seen dramas like this before. Our enforcement of our guidelines has kept us from being shut down and created a positive and supportive environment, setting us apart from other Cannabis forums.

We have achieved this because although 420 Magazine is a public forum, it is a private website, with its own guidelines. That's why we refer to posting here as a privilege. Keeping to the guidelines results in positive energy which fuels our mission. As you can imagine, keeping tens of thousands of members within the guidelines is a full time job, however clarity and truth are powerful tools and for the vast majority of the time, the vast majority of members happily stick to the rules.

We apologize to anyone who has been caught up in the cross-fire of these dramas. We believe that the above statement of the facts will help calm the situation and allow us all to move on. We ask you all, please, however long you've been here, to re-read our Posting Guidelines.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support, we are truly grateful.


The 420 Magazine Staff
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Tony Urban

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Great post.

420 is international. While it may be based in the USA, the full depth and breadth of this forum reaches a larger audience.

This also means that social-media norms of the forums do not represent any one culture or legal system. Americans shouldn’t expect this site to run like America. Just like Chinese wouldn’t expect the site to reflect China norms. Thankfully it is welcoming to everyone that accepts the site conditions. Which are pretty much made to protect the intent of the site.

We are not entitled to the rights and freedoms our homeland secures us. We are entitled to the rights and freedoms THIS forum provides us. This site isn’t what you want it to be, it is what it’s intended to be.

This site is bigger than any one person. Trying to sabotage it only hurts those who come here seeking relief, knowledge, and community. The next time you are mad, pissed off at the admin, go ahead and leave. But save your energy and do it with a smile. Just like you arrived.
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I may be new here but I really love the community you have built. I think that needs to be protected and think you are doing a great job at doing this. I think people have to accept that there are community guidelines that have to be adhered to protect the commercial interests of this platform. I for one am happy to oblige.

Again, I love this community. I will continue to support your sponsors when I can.

I appreciate what you do to keep this community the great place it is.

Rib :Namaste:
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I had no idea all this was going on! A great big thank you to the staff for doing this very hard thing, before all the drama became known to me and I am sure, many others. Hearing about this just reinforces my desire to stay out of those kinds of threads and just continue to help those whom I can, and this disclosure reassures me that the staff of 420mag always has our safety first in mind.


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Truly shocking as to what happend. I go through many unruly customers in my shop and can understand the frustration. It's a sad outcome.

Here is to wishing the 420 team peace, love and happiness. Hopefully occurrences will be few.


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The biggest decisions are usually the hardest to make but sometimes they need to be made so a community can take steps forward. Glad to see the 420 staff truly does have it's members as their #1 priority.


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There was a time in my life repeatedly did things against "rules" (which I did not agree with and was quite sure needed to exempt me) that the people in charge asked me not to do and then insisted I stop doing. I decided to not stop. It got me fired, incarcerated, banned for life, and not one party store noticed the drop in vodka sales. CHeers yall, have a great day! :yahoo:


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Having been an admin of one of these forums, I know full well that admins are able to see PMs. When you agree to the EULA here, it should be understood that there is no "real" privacy in any of these forums. When people break the rules, exchanging personal information on this board, whether it be on the forums or in PM, there must be consequences. This forum can not be turned into a seed or whatever trading/selling site... if you want to do all that, follow the rules and become a sponsor. Anything you post on these forums is their property, whether it be in PM or otherwise, and to expect private information that you share to be unseen by anyone other than your recipient, is naive. I find it hilarious that staff picked up the phone and called a number given out in this way... just to make this point.
Now if you wish to go on instagram and reveal more about who you are, that is up to you... but please don't expect this forum to act the same way as instagram or facebook, because here, a lot of us wish to remain totally private. I have IG and FB accounts, but they are in no way linked to Emilya, and none of you have any idea, and never will, who I really am.

It really isn't hard... follow the rules. I used to be a bit of a rebel, but I learned that I didn't like being slapped or even scolded by the staff here. Please respect the mission, and the feel of this special place. Cartels and groups dedicated to saying things they wouldn't like to be posted publicly should be shunned, and I actively stay out of gossip threads for that reason... and probably because I am often the target of these conversations outside of this forum. Don't for a second think that I don't know what is said out there... my brother is a member of some of your groups and reports back to me when I am mentioned. When I hear these reports, I am reassured that I am in the right place, and I have no desire to hop around on other forums that are not managed as well as this one.


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For the record and interest of full and honest disclosure, it is true that when we were sending notifications to some of the High Brix group the email addresses of 19 members were mistakenly put in the CC: field instead of the BCC: field. This was a horrible mistake in a time of high stress and apology letters were sent to those people explaining what happened.

It's also true that I contacted Preston with the best of intentions to try to work things out. Things escalated on both sides and I also sent an apology letter to Preston accepting responsibility for my part in that.

We go to great lengths and expense to protect everyone's personal information and deeply regret the email oversight. We are not looking to censor people's speech or hide the truth from anyone. We're simply hoping to put these bad situations in the past so we can go back to focusing on our mission of raising Cannabis awareness.

We're asking for everyone's help in simply moving on and not continuing public discussions of these dramas which only serve to create extra work here and distract from our mission. :Namaste:
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As stated in our Forum Guidelines:

420 Magazine does not routinely read member PM's, nor do we share this information with unrelated parties. If we suspect someone of violating forum guidelines, or someone reports an inappropriate PM, Senior Administrators may review a specific member's PM's for the purpose of resolving the issue. Private messages are only accessible to intended recipients and Senior Administrators, not to Moderators or any other staff members.

Guidelines Violations & Responsible Members
420 Magazine is for education and enjoyment, to learn and make friends. Please actively participate in helping us maintain our positive vibe while you are here. We have a dedicated team of moderators that actively help members with problems and resolve any policy violations. Mistakes and errors will be treated with kindness and understanding; deliberate or malicious violations may receive a warning, infraction or ban.

Every post/blog/private message contains a

"Report Post" icon located to the bottom left. If someone makes an inappropriate comment in your thread, please use the report post feature. Our moderators will get your report and treat it with discretion while resolving the problem. Please do not engage or reply directly. This tends to make the problem more complicated for the moderators to resolve.

420 Magazine does not routinely read member PM's, nor do we share this information with unrelated parties. If we suspect someone of violating forum guidelines, or someone reports an inappropriate PM, Senior Administrators may review a specific member's PM's for the purpose of resolving the issue. Private messages are only accessible to intended recipients and Senior Administrators, not to Moderators or any other staff members.

If one of your posts gets edited/deleted, please wait at least 48 hours for an advisory before contacting us for the reason. One moderator might delete something quickly to remove the violation and/or negative energy, while another may deliver the advisory when they come on shift. Not all staff members have the same responsibilities/powers; all advisories are discussed among us and we work collectively as a team.

Enjoy sharing, teaching and/or learning while you are here, the world is watching so please act as mature adults.
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