420 Slang Dictionary A to Z

Smokin Moose

Fallen Cannabis Warrior
420 - Marijuana term, marijuana slang, marijuana reference.
3750 - Marijuana laced joint.
Abe - $5 worth of drugs.
Abe's cabe - $5 bill.
Acapulco gold - Types of Marijuana from Mexico.
Acapulco red - Marijuana types from South America..
Accessory Cannaboids - Are The Cannaboids, CBC,CBD,CBN, which interact with the primary cannabinoids to alter their effect.
Acclimate - Introducing a plant to different environmental conditions to allow it to adapt.
Ace - Marijuana cigarette.
Achenes - single-seeded fruits where the seed is free from the ovary wall except at the point of attachment.
Acid (acidic) - Reefers to the overall state of the growing medium, as the rockwool or soil, where the PH balance is lower then 7.0.
Adapt (adaptation) - To undergo positive modification to survive.
Aeration - to allow the soil or growing medium to become less dense and allow more oxygen throughout.
Aeroponics - plants roots are suspended in air, and nutrients and water is sprayed into the root zone in the form of fine mist.
Afgani Indica - One of the best kinds of marijuana
African black / African bush - Types of marijuana from Africa.
African Bush - Type of marijuana.
African woodbine - Marijuana cigarette.
Aggregate - Growing medium; usually grow rocks or lava rocks used for a hydroponic growing medium.
Agonies - Withdrawal symptoms.
Air blast - Inhalant or to inhale big time.
Airhead - A marijuana user totally zonked out.
Air Flow - Needed in a good marijuana growing room.
Airplane - Marijuana slang.
Alice B. Toklas - This person has perhaps the best recipe for brownies. Courtesy of Grandma's Green Cook Books
Alkaline - Reefers to the overall state of the growing medium, such as the rockwool or soil, where the PH. balance is above 7.0.
All lit up - Wasted on weed.
All star - A user of multiple drugs.
All-American drug - Marijuana.
All American Smoke Out - a time where you sit down with a friend and smoke alot of weed.
ammonium nitrate - Fast acting form of nitrogen which encourages fast vegetative growth.
Amp joint - Marijuana cigarette laced with some form of narcotic.
Ampere - Unit used to measure the strength of an electrical current capacity.
Amped-out - Fatigue after using dope.
Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds - Quality marijuana strains for sale.
Angola - Marijuana country.
Annual - The outdoor harvest rate.
Anther - part of the flower that releases pollen.
Anything going on? - Do you have drugs to sell?
Aphid - Small white insect that munches on marijuana plants.
Are you anywhere - Do you use marijuana.
Ashes - Marijuana leftovers from smoking joints..
Assassin of Youth - Marijuana (from 1930's film of same name).
Astro Turf - Type of Marijuana street term.
Ate up - Someone that's always wasted.
Atshitshi - marijuana slang.
Aunt Mary - marijuana slang.
Axil - The joint between the leaf or leaf stalk and the stem that carries it.
B - An amount of marijuana to fill a matchbox.
B-40 - A cigar laced with marijuana and dipped in malt liquor.
Baba Ku - Legendary central Asian figure to whom it is attributed the introduction of hashish to Afghanistan.
Baby / Baby bhang - marijuana slang words.
Baby-sit - Guide someone through first drug experience.
Bad seed - the guy your daughter brings home
Bag - A container for drugs.
Bagboy - someone who sells dope for someone else.
Bag man - person who transports money.
Bain - is a rolled joint.
Bake - smoke marijuana
Baked - very affected by marijuana
Baker - A person smoking marijuana.
Bale - A compressed brick of marijuana with varying big weights.
Ballast - electrical device which regulates electrical flow and for electrical lamps.
Bamba - Street term for marijuana.
Bambalacha - Term for marijuana.
Bammies - Poor quality marijuana.
Bammy - Marijuana slang.
Bammer - term given to weak marijuana.
Banana- A marijuana spliff that curves like a banana.
Bar - Term for marijuana.
Base - The end of a light lamp.
Baseball bat - a perfectly rolled marijuana joint.
Bash - marijuana.
Bat - marijuana pipe, easily disguised as a cigarette.
BC Bud - very high-grade marijuana from British Columbia.
BC Bud - a friend with good BC marijuana and smokes it with you.
BC Seeds - marijuana seeds from British Columbia, Canada.
Beasters--Higher grade than midies...lower than headies
Beat artist - person selling bogus drugs.
Bedbugs - fellow addicts.
Bee - bong hit.
Belyando spruce - marijuana.
Best Friends - High quality marijuana, the best marijuana types.
Binky - marijuana cigarette.
Biodegradable - compounds able to decompose through bacterial and environmental actions.
Bite one's lips - to smoke marijuana.
Bhang - An Indian smoking mix of pollen from marijuana flowers and ghee, an oily butter. It'll knock you out.
Biodegradable - To decompose or break down through natural bacterial action and reaction.
Black - marijuana type.
Black Bart - marijuana term.
Black ganga - marijuana resin oil.
Black gold - high-potency marijuana.
Black gungi - marijuana from India.
Black gunion - marijuana slang.
Black maria - highly potent marijuana.
Black mo/black moat - highly potent marijuana.
Black mote - marijuana mixed with honey.
Black powder - black hash ground into powder.
Blanket - marijuana cigarette.
Blanks - low-quality drugs.
Blast - to smoke marijuana
Blast a joint - to smoke marijuana
Blast a roach - to smoke marijuana
Blast a stick - to smoke marijuana
Blasted - under the influence of drugs.
Blaze - Go and smoke marijuana.
Blazed - High on Marijuana.
Blitzed - under the influence of drugs
Block - marijuana slang and a type of marijuana.
Blocked - when somebody is spaced out because they have smoked so much weed.
Blonde - marijuana slang for types of marijuana
Blood Meal - high nitrogen, organic fertilizer used to stimulate vegetative growth in seedlings and clones.
Blow a Stick - Smoke marijuana.
Blunt - A joint rolled in tobacco-leaf wrapper of a cigar.
Blooming - The best part of marijuana plant growth where the marijuana flower starts to grow and flourish.
Blow - to smoke marijuana
Blow a stick - to smoke marijuana
Blow one's roof - to smoke marijuana
Blowing smoke - Use marijuana and get high.
Blue de hue - Type of marijuana from Vietnam
Blue sage - marijuana type
Blue Satellite - A new type of weed from Duncan, BC that'll blow your mind.
Blue sky blond - high-potency marijuana from Columbia
Blunt - marijuana inside a cigar
Blunted out - smoked many blunts of marijuana
Bo-bo - marijuana slang
Bob - marijuana cigarette
Bobo bush - marijuana term
Bogart a joint - salivate on a marijuana cigarette; refuse to share
Bohd - marijuana
Bomb - large marijuana cigarette
Bomb squad - Marijuana session.
Bomber - marijuana cigarette
Bong - pipe used to smoke marijuana
Boom - marijuana quality
Bonsai - A very short grown cannabis plant.
Boot the gong - to smoke marijuana
Boron - A trace element fertilizer necessary for marijuana plant growth.
Bottle Bong - homemade bong using a small bottle.
Bowl - between 1/32 and 1/16 ounce of marijuana.
Bowling - The act of smoking bowls of pot.
Bract - Small little leaflets in Cannabis that appear below the calyxes.
Brain Resin - Hash oil aka hashish oil aka honey oil. Buy hash oil, buy hashish oil and buy honey oil.
Brewery - place where drugs are made.
Brick - 1 kilogram of marijuana
Broccoli - marijuana color
Brown - marijuana
B.T./ Bottle Toke - Using an empty plastic bottle, burn a small hole in the side and cover with tin foil, poke holes in it then fill with marijuana like a bowl on a pipe, then light the bowl and inhale through the original hole at the top.
Bud - marijuana friend
Buds - Marijuana buds are the group of guys who smoke all your weed.
Buddhists - consume cannabis in order to obtain a mystical experience, the primary goal of which is detachment from worldly things.
Budgie - someone that gets stoned from smoking very little weed.
Buffer - A woman who exchanges oral sex for marijuana.
Bullyon - marijuana quality.
Burning logs - smoking a joint.
Burn one - to smoke marijuana.
Burned - purchase fake drugs.
Burned out - Smoked too many marijuana joints and the brain is not reacting anymore.
Burmese - Type of marijuana.
Burnie - marijuana slang.
Burnout - heavy abuser of drugs.
Burnt - smoked to much weed.
Bush - marijuana.
Butter - marijuana
Butter flower - marijuana buds.
Buzz - under the influence of drugs.
Buzzkill- when people are stoned and laughing and chatting and having a good time then somebody says something that makes everyone go silent..
Cacti Joint - a joint of dried and ground up cannabis.
Cad/Cadillac - 1 ounce of cannabis.
Calcium - A trace element used in cannabis plant growth fertilizer.
Cam trip - high-potency marijuana cannabis.
Cambodian red/Cam red - marijuana from Cambodia
Can - marijuana; 1 ounce quantity
Canadian black / Canamo / Canappa - marijuana types
Cancelled stick - marijuana cigarette.
Candela (candle) - A unit of measurement in light intensity.
Cannabiniods - Cyclic hydrocarbon molecules, such as THC, CBD and CBG, that are unique to Cannabis; each cannabinoid molecule derives from a terpenoid molecule and a phonetic acid molecule.
Cannabis - The marijuana plant, aka hemp, pot, ganja, reefer.
Cannabis Indica - The scientific name for a species of marijuana plant, the Indian hemp plant.
Cannabis Sativa -Another species of marijuana, closely related to indica.
Cannabis Strains - Types of marijuana and a great marijuana head shop carrying what all the great head shops sell.
Cannabis tea - marijuana drink
Cannon - huge joint of cannabis
Canoe - when a joint gets a hole in the side or looks like a canoe.
Cap up - transfer bulk form drugs to capsules.
Carbon Dioxide Co2 - During photosynthesis, plants use carbon dioxide (CO2), light, and hydrogen (usually water) to produce carbohydrates, which is a source of food. Oxygen is given off in this process as a by-product. Light is a key variable in photosynthesis. CO2 - which plants obtain from the air - is the basic and major food of all plant life. In greenhouses or indoor operations, augmenting the natural level of CO2 in the air results in very lush and accelerated growth. It needs to be monitored for optimum levels, but is well worth the investment.
Carmabis - marijuana slang term
Cartucho - package of marijuana cigarettes
Cashed - bowl is finished/empty
Castings - Worm or other animal excrement used for growing marijuana.
Catnip - marijuana cigarette
Cavite all star - marijuana quality
Cereal - marijuana (being smoked in a bowl)
Cess - marijuana
Chamber - pipe used for marijuana
Charas - marijuana from India
Charge - light up a marijuana joint
Chase - to smoke marijuana joints one after another
Chaze - to christen a new bowl or pipe
Check - personal supply of drugs
Cheeba - word to describe marijuana
Cheeo - describes marijuana
Cheroot - Smoking cigar shapes object.
Chestbonz - the one who takes the biggest bong hit
Chewies - crack a bowl of weed
Chiba - high potency marijuana from Columbia.
Chicago black - marijuana, term from Chicago.
Chicago green - types of marijuana.
Chillun - pipe used to smoke hashish or cannabis
Chiba-Chiba -A black Brazilian form of reefer, usually gummy and compressed into bricks.
Chillum/Chalice - A cone-shaped pipe made of clay, or sometimes of fruit or vegetable rinds.
Chronic - The hip-hop term for high-quality or potent reefer.
Chinese eyed - when the eyes become slanted from the influence of marijuana
Chippie - marijuana person
Chira - marijuana language
Chlorophyll - green pigmented, photosynthetic byproduct of plants.
Chlorosis - Yellowing of marijuana leaves.
Chocolate Thai - type of marijuana
Christmas tree - marijuana
Chronic Weed- strong weed, very chronic weed is always the best smoke.
Chronic - marijuana; chronic marijuana.
Chorus - marijuana quantity
Chu - marijuana bud
Clearing - A good open spot to plant outdoor marijuana.
Citrol - high-potency marijuana, from Nepal
Climb - marijuana cigarette
Clips - rows of vials heat-sealed together
Clocking paper - profits from selling drugs
Clone (cloning) - A root cutting from a plant used to grow the exact same cannabis plant.
Cloud - huge hit from ice pipe
Coasting - under the influence of drugs
Cobalt - A trace fertilizer element used for growing cannabis.
Cochornis - marijuana
Cocktail - A joint of tobacco and marijuana combined.
Coffeeshop - Hash Weed Coffee shops are unique to Holland. The Experience the Life and Culture of The Dutch Coffeeshop.
Colas - Marijuana flower tops.
Cold turkey - sudden withdrawal from drugs
Coli - marijuana
Coliflor tostao - marijuana
Colorado cocktail - marijuana
Colombian - The most common type of grass on the black market.
Columbus black - marijuana.
Compost - organic material used for growing marijuana.
Conductivity - Measuring nutrient solution strength
Cone -is a spleef in Australia
Connect - purchase drugs; supplier of illegal drugs
Cooking Cannabis - The art of cooking cannabis by extracting the THC and then using recipes.
Copping zones - specific areas where buyers can purchase drugs
Corn-stalker - marijuana cigarette rolled in the shuck of a corn cob sealed with honey
Cosa - marijuana
Cracker Weed - strong weed.
Crazy weed - good marijuana
Creeperbud - marijuana that creeps up on you
Crispina means Crippy, we use it to talk whenever someone outside the circle is around.
Crunk - Drunk and really high.
Crying weed - bad marijuana
Cubes - marijuana tablets
Culican - high-potency marijuana from Mexico.
Curing - The process of dried marijuana becoming potent to smoke.
Dacca - marijuana
Daddy - marijuana joint
Dagga - marijuana alternative
Da Ma - marijuana
Damian- someone that goes green from smoking very little weed
Dank - marijuana or pot
Dawamesk - marijuana slang
Dew - marijuana look
Dews - $10 worth of drugs
Diambista - marijuana term.
Diggidy - good herb
Dimba - marijuana from West Africa
Dime - 1/16 ounce of marijuana
Dime bag - $10 worth of drugs
Ding - marijuana person not too bright
Dong - The guy with Ding.
Dinkie dow - marijuana term.
Discharge Lamp - A lamp that produces light by discharging an electric arc through a mixture of gases and gaseous metals.
Dirt grass - inferior-quality marijuana
Ditch - marijuana quality.
Ditch weed - marijuana, inferior quality, Mexican
Divider - sharing a joint with someone
Dizzy - marijuana effect
Djamba - marijuana word
D.L. spot - safe place to buy and use drugs
Do a joint - to smoke marijuana
Dog - good friend
Doja - strong marijuana
Dollar - $100 worth of drugs
Dome - A plastic container used to grow marijuana seeds.
Domestic - locally grown marijuana
Dominate - To rule the roost, one plant in a room will try to overgrow other marijuana plants and be the tallest.
Don jem - marijuana
Dona Juana - male marijuana
Dona Juanita - female marijuana
Don Don ~ n. second generation roach doobie
Doobie - marijuana joint
Doobie/dubbe/duby - marijuana
Dope - marijuana; any other drug
Dope fiend - marijuana addict who loves to continually smoke dope.
Dope smoke - to smoke marijuana
Doradilla - marijuana.
Drainage - Ability to let water and moisture run away from an area.
Dried Marijuana - Moisture taken out of the marijuana plant so it can be smoked. Many methods for drying marijuana. Marijuana Genetics
Draf weed - inferior marijuana
Drag weed - inferior marijuana.
Drip System - Hydroponics system where nutrients drip slowly into the marijuana roots.
Drug Deal - the exchange of money for drugs
Dry high - marijuana effects.
Dry Ice - Ice when melted gives off CO2 gas for increased marijuana plant growth.
Dub - $20 dollar's worth of cannabis.
Dub Sack - $20 worth of drugs(weed).
Due - residue of oils trapped in a pipe after smoking base
Dugout - A pipe used for smoking marijuana.
Durog - type of marijuana
Duros - types of marijuana
Durban Brownie - Type of marijuana from south Africa.
Durban Poison - Type of hybrid marijuana developed in the Netherlands.
Elbow - Marijuana slang term for one pound of marijuana.
Earth - marijuana cigarette
Easy score - obtaining drugs easily
Eater - someone who eats marijuana
Ebenieghber - hash or hashish term
Eight ball - 1/8 ounce of drugs
Eighth - 3.5gms marijuana
El diablito - marijuana
El diablo - marijuana
Elbow - A pound of pot.
Electrodes - Filaments located at either end of a discharge lamp that maintain an electrical arc between them.
Endo - Types of marijuana.
Enzyme - A specialized protein controlling the rate of certain chemical processes within the plant.
Esra - marijuana name.
Eye Toke - Getting smoke in your eye.
420 - Marijuana term, marijuana slang, marijuana reference.
F1 - A first resulting generation offspring from a cross of two different parent plant strains. Marijuana Genetics
F2 - A generation resulting from a cross of two of the same F1 hybrid. Marijuana Genetics
Factory - place where drugs are packaged, diluted, or manufactured
Fall - arrested and taken away for something you did with others but you'll take the blame alone. Solid Person.
Fallbrook redhair - marijuana, term from Fallbrook, CA
Father Marijuana Plant - The male species of marijuana used to create more marijuana plants.
Fat Pappy - fat joint or blunt
Fatty - marijuana cigarette
Feed bag - container for marijuana
feeling beautiful baby - really high and happy.
Female Marijuana - The lady marijuana plant that accepts the pollen of a particular male worthy of mating.
Fiend - someone who smokes marijuana alone
Fifteen cents - $15 worth of drugs
Fine stuff - good quality marijuana
Finger - marijuana cigarette; also a measurement for marijuana
Fir - marijuana type
Fire it up - to smoke marijuana
Five cent bag - $5 worth of drugs
Five C note - $500 bill
Five dollar bag - $50 worth of drugs
Fix - to use a drug
Flower tops - the marijuana buds only.
Flowering - The act of producing marijuana buds.
Fly Mexican airlines - to smoke marijuana
Flying - under the influence of drugs
Following that cloud - searching for drugs
Foliage - Green plants everywhere.
420 / Four Twenty / Fourtwenty - The best time to smoke pot. (420a.m.)
Fraho/frajo - types of marijuana
Fresh/Phat - Hip-hop term for good, great, grand, dope, fine; having an ample stash or supply of dope.
Frios - marijuana laced
Frosted: totally wasted on cannabis.
Fry daddy - marijuana cigarette laced
Fu - marijuana term.
Fucked up - Your high on drugs and not a thing you can do about it.
Fuel - marijuana mixed with insecticides
Fuma D'Angola - marijuana Portugese term.
Funk - Slang for marijuana.
Funny Stuff - Slang for marijuana.
Future - Crystal marijuana.
G - $1000 or 1 gram of drugs; term for an unfamiliar male
Gar - marijuana rolled in cigar paper
Gage/gauge - marijuana
Gange - Term for marijuana.
Gangster - marijuana slang.
Ganja - Good marijuana from Jamaica.
Ganjah - Bob Marley marijuana term.
Garbage - inferior-quality drugs
Garr - large joint of marijuana
Gash - good marijuana type
Gasper - marijuana cigarette
Gasper stick - marijuana cigarette
Gauge butt - marijuana end or roach.
Get On - Smoke some marijuana.
Geek - marijuana
Genetics - Marijuana genetics concern the parental combination of a marijuana strain. Marijuana Genetics
Genotype - The genetic condition of an organism.
Get a gage up - to smoke marijuana
Get a gift - obtain drugs
Get high - to smoke marijuana
Get lifted - under the influence of drugs
Get off - get "high"
Get the wind - to smoke marijuana
Get through - obtain drugs
Ghana - word for marijuana
Giggle smoke - description for the effects of marijuana.
Giggle Weed - Slang for marijuana.
Gimmie - Crack and marijuana.
Go Loco - to smoke marijuana.
Gold - Type of marijuana from Colombia
Golden leaf - Very high quality marijuana.
Gong - Marijuana
Good butt - Marijuana cigarette.
Good Stuff - High potency marijuana.
Gold star - good marijuana
Golden leaf - very high quality marijuana
Gong - marijuana
Gong ringer - a fat joint
Good butt - marijuana cigarette
Good giggles - good marijuana
Good go - proper amount of drugs for the money paid
Good lick - good drugs
Goof butt - marijuana cigarette
Gopher - person paid to pickup drugs
Got it going on - fast sale of drugs
Graduate - completely stop using drugs or progress to stronger drugs
Gram - measurement of marijuana or hashish
Grandma - The old lady who keeps you in line.
Grandpa - an old pipe used for smoking marijuana
Grass - term for marijuana
Grass brownies - marijuana food
Grata - marijuana slang
Grease - currency
Grefa - Slang for marijuana.
Grifa - Slang for marijuana.
Grass - Slang for marijuana hemp.
Green - inferior-quality marijuana
Green cigarette - joint of marijuana
Green goddess - marijuana
Greens/green stuff - paper currency.
Greenout - pass out from potent marijuana
Gringo- marijuana skunk, a type of marijuana.
Grogged - really stoned or burnt out on marijuana.
Gunked Up - Really really high.
Gunga - Slang for marijuana.
Gungeon - Potent Jamaican marijuana.
Gunney - Slang for marijuana.
Gunny Sack - Sacks made from hemp fiber.
Gungun - marijuana slang
Gunther - neighborhood pot dealer.
Gurge - the water at the bottom of a bong.
Gyve - marijuana cigarette
Hanhich - Marijuana.
Hashish / Hash - Smoking mixture that regionally varies, generally based primarily on resin from substandard Middle Eastern or Indian marijuana.
Happy cigarette - Marijuana cigarette.
Havaiin - Very high potency marijuana.
Hay butt - Marijuana cigarette.
Half - 1/2 ounce
Half-a-C - $50 bill
Half G - $500
Halogen - A type of light used for growing marijuana.
Hanhich - marijuana
Happy cigarette - marijuana cigarette
Hardcore - heavy drug user
Harm Reducer - marijuana
Hash - marijuana
Hawaiian - very high-potency marijuana
Hay - marijuana
Hay butt - marijuana cigarette.
Headies--Term used for high quality marijuana
Heater- The lit/red part of the joint.
Hemp - Cannabis stalks and stems, especially those used to make rope, fabrics etc.
Herb - Jamaican term for marijuana with Biblical connotations; Rastafarian sacrament.
Herb and Al - Marijuana and alcohol.
Hermaphrodite - self seeding plant with both male and female flowers.
High Intensity Discharge - A type of light, more energy efficient than fluorescent lamps.
High Pressure Sodium - A type of light used for growing marijuana, with more flowering capabilities.
Hit - To take a drag off a marijuana joint
Hit the hay - To smoke marijuana.
Hit - marijuana cigarette; to smoke marijuana
HO - half ounce marijuana
Hocus - opium; marijuana
Honey blunts - Marijuana cigars sealed with honey.
Hookah - A hashish waterpipe with four long stems to accommodate four smokers at once; ref. the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland.
Hooter - marijuana.
Hot stick - Marijuana cigarette.
Homegrown - marijuana that is not do good.
Homer- name of a marijuana dealer.
Honey - currency
Honey blunts - Marijuana cigars sealed with honey
Hooch - marijuana
Hoochie -Mamma - a two paper joint
Hooter - marijuana
Hormone - A chemical compound controlling growth and development of a plant.
Hot box - to fill up a closed area with second-hand marijuana smoke
Hot stick - marijuana cigarette
Hybrid - resultant offspring from parental plants of different breeds.
Hydro - marijuana
Hydroponic - hydro phonically grown marijuana
Hubbly Bubbly - hookah; a Middle Eastern water pipe used for smoking tobacco or marijuana.
Ice cream habit - occasional use of drugs
In - connected with drug suppliers
Inbred - breeding strains from parent plants of the same genetic ancestry.
In Crowd - Hipsters who throw secret parties for vipers only
Indian boy - Marijuana
Indian hay - Marijuana from India.
Indian Hemp - Term to describe marijuana.
Indiana Ditchweed - A low-potency wild marijuana, grows wild from seeds originally bred for hemp rope.
Indiana Hay - Term for marijuana.
Indica - Type of marijuana.
Indo - Marijuana, term from Northern CA
Indonesian bud - Marijuana
IZM - marijuana.
Ice cream habit - occasional use of drugs
In - connected with drug suppliers
Inbred - breeding strains from parent plants of the same genetic ancestry.
In Crowd - Hipsters who throw secret parties for vipers only
Indian boy - Marijuana
Indian hay - Marijuana from India.
Indian Hemp - Term to describe marijuana.
Indiana Ditchweed - A low-potency wild marijuana, grows wild from seeds originally bred for hemp rope.
Indiana Hay - Term for marijuana.
Indica - Type of marijuana.
Indo - Marijuana, term from Northern CA
Indonesian bud - Marijuana
IZM - marijuana.
Jag - keep a high going.
Jamaican Red - potent marijuana from Jamaica.
Jamaican Shower- Turning on the bathroom shower on hot until the room fills with steam, then smoking marijuana in the room.
Jay smoke - marijuana
Jay - marijuana cigarette
Jefferson Airplane - Circa in the 1940's and 50's. a term for a roach-holder fashioned from a matchbook cover.
JIB - This is what we call our joints in St. John's NL
Jive - 1930's and 40's slang for marijuana and marijuana influenced popular music.
Jive stick - marijuana
Joint - marijuana cigarette
Johnson - 1960's term for a joint, or low grade grass.
Joint / Jay - A marijuana cigarette.
Jolly green - marijuana
Jolt - strong reaction to drugs
Jonesing - need for drugs
Joy popping - occasional use of drugs
Joyride - going out and getting high
Joy smoke - marijuana
Joy stick - marijuana cigarette
Ju-ju - marijuana cigarette
Juan Valdez - marijuana
Juanita - marijuana
Juggler - teen-aged street dealer
Juice joint - marijuana cigarette
Kali - Marijuana.
Kate bush - kind bud
Kaya - marijuana
KB - potent marijuana
Kentucky blue - marijuana
Keesh - a fat bag
Keyed - high on drugs
KGB (killer green bud) - marijuana
Kicked - to pass out or about to pass out
Kick stick - marijuana cigarette
Kiff stick - Marijuana cigarette.
Kief/Kif/Kaff/Khayf - Golden pollen hash from Morocco, Lebanon and other Arab/Middle Eastern nations. It is said that "A puff of kif in the morning makes a man as strong as 1,000camels in the courtyard."
Killed - Extremely high on marijuana.
Killer - Marijuana
Killer Bees - adj. a term to describe really potent kind bud
Killer weed [1980's] - Marijuana
Killer - marijuana
Killer weed (1960s) - marijuana
Kilo - 2.2 pounds
Kilter - marijuana
Kind - marijuana
Kind bud - marijuana term for good pot
King - adj: term to describe the best marijuana or the best joint, blunt, bowl, or bong.ex:"that nugget is king". ( yo j.c. smoke the nug for c.p.) n: King marijuana is considered the top marijuana strain in the world.
Knuckle Samich - phat joint
Kona Gold - strong marijuana grown on the Big Island in Hawaii
Kram - to pack the bowl tight
Krippies - moist marijuana only to be smoked out of a bowl or bong
Kumba - marijuana
Kushempeng - marijuana
Kutchie - marijuana
L.L. - Marijuana.
Lakbay Diva - Slang term for marijuana.
Lambsbread / Lambs Bread - Large Jamaican buds which can be sliced like a loaf of bread and are shaped like a lamb's tail.
Laughing grass - marijuana
Laughing weed - marijuana
Lay-out - equipment for taking drugs
Leaf - marijuana
Leaping - under the influence of drugs
Lemonade - poor quality drugs
Lid - Def#1 original 60's version- 1 finger on a bag of marijuana approx. equal to a 1/4 oz. the term comes from the 1960's and is used correctly in Cheech & Chongs movie: Things are Tough All Over.
Lid - Def#2 90's version -1 ounce of marijuana.
Lid - Def#3 submitted version - It is the amount of marijuana that fits into the lid of a mason jar.
Light Up - To spark a marijuana joint to smoke.
Limbo - Term for marijuana.
Little smoke - Marijuana
Light stuff - marijuana
Lima - marijuana
Lipton Tea - inferior-quality drugs
Lit - under the influence of marijuana
Lit up - under the influence of drugs
Little bowl of Buddha - 10 gram bowl of marijuana buds or hash
Little Green Friends - marijuana
Little smoke - marijuana
Llesca - marijuana
Loaded - high
Loaf - marijuana
Lobo - marijuana
Locoweed - marijuana
Loco - Term for marijuana.
Log - marijuana cigarette.
Love boat - Marijuana dipped in embalming fluid
Love nuggets - marijuana
Lovelies - Marijuana laced
Lucas - Term for marijuana.
Lumber - Marijuana stems and waste.
M - Marijuana
M - marijuana term
M.J. - marijuana slang
M.O. - marijuana phrase term
M.U. - marijuana phrase terms
Machinery - marijuana slang word
Macon - marijuana place
Magic smoke - marijuana description
Make up - need to find more drugs
Manhattan silver - marijuana type
Mari - marijuana cigarette
Marial means regs. Use it to talk whenever someone outside the circle is around. Works great when chatting at work with buddies.
Marimba - types of marijuana
Marihuana - Term for cannabis.
Marijuana - A really cool plant. Dried marijuana is smoked and the result is a brain buzz. The smokable flowers and leaves of the female cannabis plant.
Marijuana Genetics concern the parental combination of a marijuana strain.
Mary - marijuana
Mary and Johnny - marijuana slang
Mary Ann - marijuana slang
Mary Jane / Maryjane - marijuana slang
Mary Jonas - marijuana slang
Mary Warner - marijuana slang
Mary Weaver - marijuana slang
Matchbox - 1/4 ounce of marijuana or 6 marijuana cigarettes
Maui Wauwie - marijuana from Hawaii
Meg - marijuana slang
Megg - marijuana cigarette
Meggie - marijuana
Messorole - marijuana
Method - marijuana
Mexican brown - marijuana
Mexican red - marijuana
Mgobi - Pronunciation: Ma-Go-Bee Definition: A Big and Well Rolled Joint Example: Wow! that joint is a Mgobi! Origin: Cape Town, South Africa. It's what all the dudes in the squatter camps say when they see a huge joint rolled by me or my friends (they usually roll little crappy ones).
Midies--Higher grade than Schwag.....lower than beasters

Midnight toker - some who smokes marijuana before bed
Mighty Mezz - marijuana cigarette
Mighty Mite - breed of marijuana plant with huge buds
Minglewood - hash & kind bud filled blunt
Modams - marijuana
Mohasky - marijuana
Monte - marijuana from South America
Monty Hall - a person always trying to talk down the price or get a deal on drugs. Always a few dollars short.
Mooca/moocah - marijuana
Mooster - marijuana
Moota/mutah - marijuana
Mooters - marijuana cigarette
Mootie - marijuana
Mootos - marijuana
Mor a grifa - marijuana
Mota/moto - marijuana
Mother Plant - The female marijuana species.
Mow the grass - to smoke marijuana
Mowing the Lawn - smoking marijuana
Muerte - overdosing
Muggie - marijuana
Muggles - 1930's and 40's slang for pot.
Munchies - to get real hungry after smoking herb
Mutha - marijuana
Nail - marijuana cigarette
Nailed - arrested
Nick - 0.5 grams of marijuana or 1/2 gram
Nickel - 0.5 grams of marijuana or 1/2 gram
Nickel bag - $5 worth of drugs
Nickel note - $5 bill
Nitrogen - A primary nutrient used for growing marijuana.
Nix - stranger among the group
Node - is the jointed section on a marijuana plant stalk where the leaves, side shoots, stipules and flowering organs begin.
Northern Lights - extremely high-grade marijuana
Norml - Organization for the rights of pot smokers.
Number - marijuana cigarette.
Nutrients - the primary, secondary and trace elements required for plant growth.
O - an ounce
O boy - marijuana
Oh-zee - An ounce of pot.
Oil - The purified and concentrated resin from hashish or marijuana.
O.J. - marijuana
On ice - in jail
On the bricks - walking the streets
On the nod - under the influence of dope
One hitter quitter - marijuana that takes one hit to obtain a high
Onion - 1 ounce of marijuana
Oregano - hash.
Organic - Marijuana plant fertilizer or growing medium derived from living organisms.
Oscar - an ounce of marijuana
Owl - marijuana.
Ounce - A unit of measurement for weighing marijuana. 28.3 grams.
Ovule - Part of the marijuana flower.
OZ - ounce of marijuana or other drugs.
Ozzie / Ozzy - ounce of marijuana.
P1 - Refers to the original parental genetics used to develop F1 hybrids.
P5 - Half a gram of marijuana.
Panama Red - A potent strain of pot from Panama.
Pantella - Large marijuana cigarette.
Pack - marijuana
Pack of rocks - marijuana cigarette
Pakalolo - marijuana
Pakistani black - marijuana
Panama cut - marijuana
Panama gold - marijuana
Panic - drugs not available
Paps - rolling papers
Paper bag - container for drugs
Paper blunts - marijuana within a paper casing rather than a tobacco leaf casing
Parabolic Reflector - A metal device that is designed to redirect the light from a lamp in a specific direction.
Paraquat - A defoliant, toxic to humans as well as plants, that has been sprayed on marijuana throughout the world since the 1970's.
Parsley - marijuana.
Pat - marijuana
Peat - a partially decomposed vegetation used as an organic soil.
Peddlar - drug supplier
Pepsi habit - occasional use of drugs
Perlite - marijuana growers crushed, expanded glass used to provide additional medium aeration.
Permafried - high all the time
Pheno - strainal variation in cannabis
Phillies Blunt - Cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana.
Photosynthesis - Process where the marijuana plant leaves suck up sunlight and CO2 to produce plant energy and chemicals.
Picked up - Smoked marijuana.
Pid - possession with intent to distribute
Piece - 1 ounce
Pin - marijuana
Pine - marijuana
Pinner - small joint of marijuana
Pipe - marijuana pipe
Pistil - a pair of stigma protruding from the female calyx that capture pollen for the marijuana plant.
Piznacle - marijauna pipe
Pizza - marijuana
Plant - hiding place for drugs
Pocket rocket - marijuana
Pod - marijuana
Poke - marijuana
Pot - 420 Pot Directory of pot heads, pot freaks, pot smoking, pot seeds, pot seedbanks, growing pot, pot cafe, pot spirit, new pot, top pot and Ozzy buds. Buy pot and buy pot pipes!
Pothead - someone who smokes pot (marijuana)
Potten bush - marijuana terms
Pooched - Feeling lazy and tired after smoking.
Pregnant - when a joint has a lump in the middle
Prescription - marijuana cigarette
Pretendica - marijuana types
Pretendo - marijuana slang
Primo - marijuana
Puff - to smoke weed
Puff the dragon - to smoke marijuana
Pull a will - vomiting from too much drug use.
Q.P. - quarter pound of marijuana
Quarter - 1/4 ounce or $25 worth of drugs
Quarter bag - $25 worth of drugs
Quarter moon - hashish
Quarter piece - 1/4 ounce
Queen Ann's lace - marijuana.
Queeted - when you get WAY too high off half a bowl.
RB - resin bud (marijuana)
Ragweed - inferior-quality marijuana
Railroad weed - marijuana
Rainy day woman - marijuana
Rangood - marijuana grown wild
Rap - criminally charged; to talk with someone
Rasta weed - marijuana
Rat - someone that turns drug dealers in to the police
Rave - party designed to enhance a hallucinogenic experience through music and behavior
Razed - under the influence of drugs
Red - under the influence of drugs
Red cross - marijuana
Red dirt - marijuana term for a type of marijuana that is low grade.
Red eye- when some one's eyes go red from smoking.
Reefer - marijuana
Riding the wave - under the influence of drugs
Righteous bush - marijuana
Ripped - under the influence of drugs
Roach - butt of marijuana cigarette
Roach clip - holds partially smoked marijuana cigarette
Rockets - marijuana cigarette
Rollers - police
Ron ~ n. roach
Ron Don ~ n. roach joint
Rook - person who can't hang.....can't handle their drugs
Root - marijuana
Rope - marijuana
Royal Temple Ball - resin mixed with o***m then rolled in to a ball
Ruderalis - species of cannabis, found in Russia, grows 1 to 2.5 feet
Runners - people who sell drugs for others.
Salt and Pepper/ Santa Marta/ Sassafras/ Scissors/ Seeds/ Sen/ Sess/ Sezz// Siddi/ Sinse/ Skunk/ Smoke Canada/ Snop/ Splim/ Stack/ Stems/ Stink Weed/ Sugar Weed/ Sweet Grass/ Sweet Lucy - Marijuana.
Sak - bag of marijuana
Salad - a bowl of of marijuana laced with other drugs. Usually hash
Sam - federal narcotics agent
Santa Marta - marijuana
Sassafras - marijuana
Sativa - species of cannabis, found in cool, damp climate, grows up to 18 feet
Scissors - used to cut up marijuana.
Scoob - marijuana joint
Score - purchase drugs
Seeds - buy types of marijuana seeds today. buy marijuana seeds
Sensimilla - seedless marijuana.
Sesh/Session - Going out to smoke.
Sess - marijuana
Set - place where drugs are sold
Sezz - marijuana
Shake - marijuana
Sinsemilla - The flowering tops of seedless plants.
Shit - Any sort of controlled substance.
Shitfaced - very stoned
Shlook - A puff of a marijuana cigarette.
Shotgun - Inhaling marijuana smoke forced into one's mouth by another's exhaling.
Shmagma - marijuana
Shooting gallery - place where drugs are used
Shot Gun - someone puts the joint or blunt in their mouth backwards and blows the smoke into someone's mouth.
Shrimp - marijuana
Shwag - low-grade marijuana
Siddi - marijuana
Sinse - marijuana
Sinsemilla - potent variety marijuana
Sketch - a bad reaction to marijuana
Skies - refers to scales used to weigh drugs
Skied - under the influence of drugs
Skin - Marijuana rolling paper.
Skunk - marijuana
Slack - a bag that don't weigh out
Slanging - selling drugs
smoochywoochypoochy - marijuana
Smoke - To inhale marijuana.
Smoke Canada - inhale marijuana in Canada.
Smoke-out - under the influence of drugs
Smoke you out - smoke marijuana with you
Snite - lighter used to smoke drugs.
Snoochies Boochies - Marijuana or joint.
Snop - marijuana
Snop - Marijuana.
Soil / Soilless - The growing medium for marijuana plants.
Spark it up - to smoke marijuana.
Speed boat - Marijuana
Spliff - Jamaican term for a large, ice-cream-cone-shaped joint.
Spring - Giving a marijuana cigarette to another.
Spliffy - joint of marijuana
Spaced out - high on marijuana
Spare time - possessing marijuana
Spark an owl - smoke a gigantic joint
Sparking an owl - lighting a joint
Spark it up - to smoke marijuana
Splaff - marijuana cigarette
Speed boat - marijuana term.
Spider web - scam to rob someone of their dope and/or money
Spliff - marijuana cigarette.
Splim - marijuana types.
Split - half and half or to leave.
Sprout - The young marijuana plant.
Sprung - person just starting to use drugs
Square mackerel - marijuana, term from Florida
Squirrel - smoking marijuana.
Stack - marijuana
Stackola - stacking money or a stack of loot.
Stamen - the male plant sex organ which bears pollen for the beautiful females.
Stash - A place to hide drugs.
Stash areas - drug storage and distribution areas
Steamroller - pipe used to smoke marijuana
Stems - marijuana
Stick - marijuana
Stimey - dime bag
Stinky - pot
Stink weed - marijuana
Stoned - under the influence of drugs
Stoner - someone who stays high on marijuana
Straight - having drugs to sell
Straw - marijuana cigarette
Super -Jaded - blitzed off drugs; unable to think clearly
Supergrass / Super Grass - types of marijuana
Swag - poor quality marijuana
Sweet Lucy - marijuana
Swisher - cigar emptied and filled with marijuana.
T - marijuana slang
Taima - marijuana term
Taking on a number - Smoking marijuana.
Takkouri - marijuana type
Tampon - a fat joint.
Tanker - A two paper marijuana joint (when rolling the joint looks like a boat that's pack with weed)
Taste - small sample of drugs
Tea - Slang for maryjane, muggles, gage etc.
Tea Head - Habitual marijuana user.
Tea Pad - in Harlem in the 30's and 40's, and after-hours club where pot was smoked and jazz music performed.
Tea Party - To smoke marijuana
Ted - somebody that drinks the water from the bottom of a bong in exchange for weed.
Tex-mex - marijuana
Texas pot - marijuana
Texas tea - marijuana
Thai sticks - bundles of marijuana soaked in hashish oil; marijuana buds bound on short sections of bamboo
THC - tetrahydrocannabinol
Thirteen - marijuana term for a type of marijuana
Thumb - marijuana amount
Tin - container for marijuana; a marijauna pipe made out of tinfoil
Tetrahydrocannabinol/THC - The psychoactive cannibinoid in marijuana that is responsible for the high.
Thai Stick - A delicious Thai variety of marijuana, usually wrapped around thin bamboo splints or popsicle stick slivers.
Thyme[or Oregano] - Spices resembling marijuana in appearance, frequently used to defraud customers.
Tighten someone's wig - Provide marijuana [1940's]
Tijuana/TJ - Marijuana.
Tin - Container for marijuana
Toke - to smoke marijuana
Toke up - to smoke marijuana
Torch - light up marijuana
Torch up - to smoke marijuana
Torpedo - marijuana
Tout - person who introduces buyers to sellers
Trace Elements - The smaller nutrients needed for good marijuana plant growth.
Train Wreck: A really good weed from Duncan, BC
Trees - marijuana or pot
Tubes - water pipes or bongs
Turbo - marijuana term
Turtle - when someone goes green or white from smoking to much
Tweeds - marijuana street slang
Twenty and Forty - Hip-hop term for a $20 bag of reefer and a 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor.
Twigs and Seeds - The unsmokeable leftovers from screening marijuana before sale, or the stuff at the bottom of a bag after purchase.
Twist - marijuana joint cigarette.
Twistum - marijuana joint cigarette.
2 toke choke - when a joint is passed around several people while holding the smoke in.
Ultimate -marijuana joint.
Uncle - Federal agents.
Uncle Fester - glass pipe
Uncle Milty - depressant weed
Underground - The drug-using sector of society.
Unkie - the old guy in the family who smokes marijuana.
Up against the stem - addicted to smoking marijuana.
Up In Smoke - The best movie ever, Cheech and Chong.
Uppers - The people who keep a party alive late at night.
Uppies - The people who wimp out partying after midnight.
Ups and downs - The times with marijuana and the times without cannabis.
Utopiates - People who think the marijuana plant is the way to happiness.
Uzi - marijuana pipe.
Vaporizer - vaporizes marijuana and leaves you with just the THC
Vegetative - The leaf growing cycle of the marijuana plant.
Vermiculite - expanded mica used to provide additional medium moisture retention.
Vipe - Marijuana.
Viper - 1930's hipster who frequented tea pads and smoked jive; onomatopoeic from sssssst, the sound made by an inhaling pot-smoker.
Viper's weed - marijuana
Voomp - n., v.; marijuana, to smoke marijuana
Voomped - adj. (well, strictly speaking it's a past participle, but who's counting?); experiencing the effects of marijuana Both terms are colloquial, local to eastern Pennsylvania. Thanks to AxiomaticApricot.
Wac - Someone on marijuana.
Watt - 1000 watts for good marijuana growth in a small closet. A unit for measuring light.
Wacky Tobacky - marijuana
Wacky weed - marijuana
Wasted - heavily stoned
Weed out - weed for sale
Weed tea - marijuana
Weightless - high on dope.
Wheat - marijuana
White-haired lady - marijuana
Wiggin - needing some drugs
Wizzard - ounce of marijuana
Wizzard of oz - ounce of marijuana
Wollie - rocks of crack rolled into a marijuana cigarette
Wood - marijuana
Wooer - a joint
Woolah - a hollowed out cigar refilled with marijuana
Woolies - marijuana
Wooly - marijuana cigarette
Wooly blunts - marijuana
Wooz - marijuana
Wuwoo - marijuana.
X - Marijuana
X-Ray Eyed - so stoned you can't see straight
Yarndi - indigenous Australian term for weed
Yeh - marijuana slang
Yellow submarine - marijuana term
Yen pop - marijuana culture term slang
Yerba - marijuana
Yerba mala - marijuana
Yesca - marijuana
Yesco - marijuana
Yoda-a joint - A marijuana cigarette with a bulge in the middle. (Thanks to Sarah-Beth O.)
Ying - marijuana
Zacatecas Purple - Marijuana from Mexico.
Zambi - Marijuana slang.
Zig-Zag - Marijuana rolling papers.
Zippy - name of a marijuana dealer.
Zol - Marijuana cigarette.
Zombie Weed - Marijuana
Zonked - Very stoned, spaced-out, wasted, ripped, destroyed, wrecked, intoxicated all to hell and gone.
Zooie - Holds butt of marijuana


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There is also
Headies--Term used for high quality marijuana
Beasters--Higher grade than midies...lower than headies
Midies--Higher grade than Schwag.....lower than beasters



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Finger is (was?) also a measurement for pot in a baggie. 4 fingers was about an oz. (Look at your hand sideways - 4 fingers in most cases). :)

This is an awesome thread! I love it.


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what a list i enjoyes reading it there are a few i have never heard of but im glad i have if i ever downunder i might know what ther are talking about

thanks moose

we call a cone a marley sometime so if your ever in texas you will know what that is

hope to see ya deep in the heart of texas someday


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Key - A Kilogram of Marijuana
Panama Red - A type of marijuana.
Green Bud - recently harvested localy grown marijuana
Grow - (adj.) pertaining to the clandestine cultivation of marijuana, as in Grow Room, Grow Light.
One Hitter - a pipe that holds only enough MJ for one hit.
Stealth Box - a diguised growing chamber, usually sealed to contain the odor.
Ganja - Marijuana
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