420 Slang Dictionary A to Z


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I see Dew is on the list. I dont know what "marijuana look" means (the appearance of the weed?) but Dew was a slang term we used during the war in Vietnam, and it meant pot. "Doin' the Dew" meant smoking weed. Peace n Love.

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"Loud", "Loud Pack" or "Loud Package"= High grade, very aromatic or strong smelling Cannabis.

"Fruit"= Sweet smelling/tasting, fairly strong "Mid's", usually upper scale imported or "bagseed" home grown Cannabis.

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does a blunt dipped in malt liquor change the effect lol? it seems like it would just ruin the weed...
Wonderful post !!! Though you use some slang that I don't know, most entries were smile-educing memories of terms I rarely hear anymore.

However, where I'm from, a nickel/nick was a term used to indicate a (5) gram bag ([5] grams being the weight of an American $.05 coin [or nickel]). Before scales were affordable, there were only tri- & quad-beams, & they were EXPENSIVE! It was much more affordable to use a piece of bent & balanced wire clothes-hanger with an alligator clip on each end & suspended from a piece of fishing line. Two nickels were used to calibrate the balance of the scale. Then when you bought, your person would show you the scale w/ the nickel & the bag on either side of it, just slightly over-balanced to the bag-side (to make up the tear for the bag).

This may just be a local colloquialism, but those are the nickels that I grew up with. Thanks again for the trip down memory lane :D


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Loud- strong weed, very potent or strong smelling
Vape/Vaping - using a vaporizer to ingest marijuana
Bagseed - seeds that are found in the bags of bought marijuana
Chief/Chiefing- the act of not passing or sharing the weed
Grinder - used to cut up or grind marijuana buds
Heads - how many people smoking a blunt, bowl, etc.
Sploof - usually a homemade tool to dissipate the marijuana smell by blowing through it, usually made up of a toilet paper roll, dryer sheets, and tape.
Tapped out - too high to smoke anymore (rare occasion for me lol)
Re-up - to resupply your stash (usually dealers say this)
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