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Anyone out there got a 420 tattoo?

I have 420 tattoo'd to my left wrist, in a simple font.

The photo was taken while it was still healin'.
and the photo doesn't do it much justice and the "4" looks a little small
i will try to get another clear one but tbh its a mission and you get the idea :439:
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Well I got a burning leaf on my back a while ago. If MJ is ever legalized I would like to get a sleeve on my left arm of some crazy ganja plant and all other kinds off 420 stuff lol.


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nice check out my bro's 420 tat:rollit:


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I have disentergrating disc disease in my lower back. Getting my 420 tat in the spot that hurts gave it more meaning.
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stray wolf

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was born on 420, as for tats, tho i have several, and would love scoobie and shaggy sittin on a mushroom, puffin tuff, i dont want to advertise to much. keep the ink clean y'all
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