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After days of analysis and being glued to my computer since thursday, i have come to this conclusion.
My up to date Norton AntiVirus 2004 missed the W32.Novarg.A@mm virus that attacked my computer... This virus then sent an email to my major domo program that houses my contact database for 420times.com and 420girls.com... (Over 50,000 people) The virus has been removed from my pc and the major domo list has been disabled... All remaining outgoing messages were caught and deleted... This should not happen again.... I can't tell you how sorry i am about this. Please understand that this brutal attack has hit more than 10% of the internet and was not my fault... They are calling this the largest viral attack on the net ever. My Norton was up to date as of a week prior to the attack.

Here is more information on this virus and how to remove it.

Here is a link to Microsoft's response and fix for this virus as well.
Microsoft Security – Cybersecurity | Microsoft

To remove yourself from any of my databases, please go here

Over the next day or so, I will be removing and destroying the major domo database altogether, so this will never happen again.

Once everything is fixed, i will send out a blast from my addressbook with the new newsletter and more info on this.
At that time, you may unsubscribe and never have to deal with this, or me, again. We are now working on a new email list software that is web based with security, so this can never happen again.

Please understand that this was beyond my control and am doing EVERYTHING in my power to rectify the situation.
Not to mention the $3000.00 it has cost me so far and a loss of thousands of subscribers....and most people will never respond to my email marketing again...i have lost more than you can imagine because of this nightmare...including my reputation...please try to understand.

Greenest Regards,
Rob Smith

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