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420 tolerant renting


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Hi, 420 magazine community. 50-yrs-high retiree. I am delighted to be with you all- I can feel the vibe on the site.
I have been spoiled for years by sound contacts in my seemingly conservative state and in Southern California. Now it's time to explore. I am ready to move back to California; but I need to be sure my new accommodations are 420 friendly. Is there a service that offers screening for 420 tolerant lessors and landlords? Tolerant room-mates?
I really need to feel that very discrete personal toking will not be an issue in any new residence. I am under care for congestive heart failure. I can accommodate restriction to cannabis tea where any smoking may be restricted by fire or sensitive smoke alarms. Worth it if I can avoid cigarette smoke.

I hope people have some suggestions. I think the question, "Do you allow marijuana smoking?" sends a bad signal to a prospective landlord- even for a 65-year -old. I would love some pool of 420-friendly property managers in LA, San Francisco, and growing counties. With street busts more prevalent in San Francisco now than my city- where they're almost unknown, I know better than to assume 420 priviledges automatically anywhere...

Love to all.


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Just ask them if it's ok to smoke in the house. If they say yes ... it doesn't matter what you smoke. Make sure it's in the lease.


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So far almost everyone I have met in Socal is 420 friendly or at least tolarant but the best would be to make sure you have your doctor's rec. I believe if your a medical user you can safely medicate in your home or apartment, as long as "smoking" is allowed on the grounds...I could be wrong but I am pretty sure if your legal, then its ok in most places, as long as you are not on federal property.


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I've never asked beforehand but never had any problem toking in rentals as long as I'm clean and discreet.

Most landlords just want the rent paid on time and a clean house when it's inspection time other than that they'll stay out of your way.

Just try to avoid one of those really nosy landlords that rock up unexpectedly all the time.


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Just an FYI in SoCal, smoking is not allowed in rentals at all, I believe that's for cigarettes but something to know. I believe it is a good thing as an x-smoker :) Now I'm wondering if this idea of a '420 friendly rental finder' could be a business. Lost my job recently and looking for something fun.
Lurae Horse -> You know Colorado is pretty darn hot in the summer, not very good for most ailments. Just saying :)


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Just cleared I25 Southbound at Colorado Springs- forced to the southern route by snow. 5 below zero in the afternoon!! LH! GScully! You have one of the winning post "legal" ideas there! I sure could use it. I'm from the days of $8 2-oz Mexican lids and smoking circles at the foot of the Santa Monica Pier. That is no exaggeration- so the new "legal" environment could be easy to over estimate. I can tell you fines in SD county run into hundreds of dollars for smoking in public- and the cops record everything coming, going, or parking near the dispensaries- so they know who to watch. It's a treacherous environment. Feds could come down any time Obama is pushed. My friends took their kids South of sane LA to San Diego so the kids could surf all the time. There is no similarity in green status . San Diego county will probably close every dispensary if the State Supreme Court allows cities to ban them- despite legal status of pot. Any day on that.
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