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Hey guys, Just a reminder that the 420TV contest is now up and running. I hope all you stoners members will get out there in Youtube hunting down interesting 420 vision. It can be on anything 420 related, such as how to roll joints, grow journals, interviews, and any thing 420 that catches your eye. If you go here https://www.420magazine.com/forums/420-tv/67703-420tv-contest-posting-rules-tutorial.html you can submit your entries, or you can just view our contest library.
I look forward to seeing what vision you come up with. And don't forget, you can win prizes based on your vision entries.

All entries must be of something meaningful and interesting, and be of reasonable quality. 420 Magazine reserves the right to determine what is considered suitable. All entries must be 420 related.

Winners Receive:

1st - Signed Copy of the Best of 420 Girls Book
2nd - 420 Magazine T-Shirt
3rd - 420 Magazine Beanie Cap

Entries are to be sourced from Youtube or Google Video only.
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