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420nub Soil Unknown Grow Journal - 2013


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hello ..
id like to give a small background about my self as it will explain what am doing and why am doing it !

i am a local DJ and head of a household .. i am a fan of the bud and a lover of music

i was sitting down with some friends and we where talking about bud and plants .. and how expensive bud is now adays ..

so i decided to run an experiment ( THE CHEAPEST , FASTEST ,AND BEST WAY TO GROW )

step one : get a background idea on growing , growing expenses and growing methods : done

i know going through forums and blogs about growing can give me a good idea on what i need to do to start but i keep on reaching a point where i cant understand the terms or whats recommended is not what am going after or too expensive !

my idea is to start small just 3-6 seeds

400 watts florescent light

debating on where i should grow .. i do have some options and am not worried about the cops or next door neighbors ,knowing that its going to be only for personal use

shed in the back yard : its a home made shed looks crappy but very hard to spot and if spotted it looks like crap on the outside but could be cleaned and maintained at a very low cost and kept clean

garage : i flipped my garage into a small office or room .. its where i work on my music and smoke my trees .. the garage door dose open so it makes it very easy to spot whats inside .. but the view is obstructed by to shelf cabinets ( ill show some pics later on )

my rooms closet : am 22 and i do support my mom sister and brother .. and am the one that pays the rent here .. so am free to plant any where i want even if its happy trees thats why i picked the closet as one of my options ! i can use the top shelf as my grow station but all my clothing will smell like bud unless i move them else where and use a oder remover or something didnt get to that part yet


step 2 : getting the seeds : done

despite the instructions and recommendations of not to use random/unknown seeds ... i did use unknown seeds .. i am not trying to sell or show off my plants or buds .. this is just an experiment that might turn into a secret hobby ( big possibility due to my excitement level )

i put a layer of cotton on a small plate then i put the seeds (6 of them ) on top of that and then covered it with another layer of cotton on top

i filled the plate with water then drained the water keeping the cotton wet but not drenched


3days later :

i woke up and the 1st thing i did was look at the seeds .. started sprouting .. a small white string is coming out of the seed ..

my mom seems to agree with me growing so i explained to her what am doing and she decided to help out ( SHE GROWS TOMATOES ) so yay !

Question : dose the seed need sun light , and if it dose .. for how long ? and if not when do i start exposing the plant to the sun ( i mean at what stage of the growth )


so yah that it for 2day .. i will resume 2moro .. ill try to update this every day and i will reply to questions and answers as soon as i get them !

thank you for reading and i hope that we have a nice growing journey 2gether :)

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Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

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