420s Eldorado's First Grow


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hello everybody. this will be my first grow. im going to do it indoors, and begin small. i enjoy gardening, and have some experience with plants.
i bought a few seeds, tried to get cheap but nice ones. i bought some special queen 1, special kush 1, and shining silver haze seeds.
for this first grow, i will be growing one special queen and one special kush. the grow tent is around 2.5" x 2.5".
i will be using a 300w led, similar to mars hydro 300w. for ventilation i have 3 small fans ( pc power supply like), one for getting fresh air in,
one to imitate mild wind, and one for extraction ( with a carbon filter for odor reducing ). i am finishing getting the grow tent together,
and will begin growing in a few days.


1x special queen 1

1x special kush 1

special queen 1 - power bud x skunk ( 50% indica / 50% sativa )

special kusk 1 - afghan x kusk ( 20% sativa / 80% indica )

i will be growing them in soil. medium nutrients organic soil.

pots are around 15 liters.

i will use a 300w led. ( similar to mars hydro 300w )

3 fans are used for cooling, as stated above, one for getting air in, one to imitate mild wind, and one for extraction.

temps should be around 24ºC. lower at night, around 18ºC.

i will use some nutes. some for promoting root growth, other rich in nitrogen, mainly for vegetitave states,
and for flowering state, some p and k rich nutes. i havent bought them yet, but i suppose i will use some generic nutrients from the
gardening shop, and to promote root grow, maybe i will experiment with some home made mixes i've read about.
if you have any opinions, feel free to share.


Nice to meet you Jhon!!! Be careful giving nutes early in veg. I personally don't give mine any nutes for at least the first 30days sometimes longer. I have a caramella on day 50 in veg haven't given any nutes yet. Wait until they tell you they need something. Always remember less is more!!!


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hello guys. hope you're doing fine. thanks for the advice cav, i will probably follow it. even though i havent grown before,
i think that cannabis in a general term prefers less than more, i think it can stand less watering or less nutes, better then overwatering or overfert. i think it's due to it's base genetics. looking forward to growing, i enjoy it as a sort of a hobby.
i'll start germinating in a few days. just finishing out the grow tent. here's a pic of the seeds, with a couple of ladies,
just for fun. i hope it's ok. :)


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Welcome! Sounds like you've got your setup and plan of action nearly ready to go, and it sounds great! I'm pulling up a chair in the back and am looking forward to see your progress.


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hello guys. thanks for stopping by. :)
the tent is nearly finished. just need to make some final temperature measurements / adjustments.
a few days ago, i germinated the ( 2 ) seeds in wet paper towels, 1 day after they began opening. 2 days past, they had a bit of root out the seed, and i put them in the soil. 2 days past, they are coming out of the soil and are beginning to sprout. they haven´t lost the seed shell yet. at least, they both germinated, which is good. let's see how it goes. well, i hope.


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some pics from my mobile. 3 days after germination, or so.

special queen 1

special kush 1

ill use my digital camera from now on, since it has better quality and zoom. i just didnt have it with me at the time.

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Hope all is well in your world.

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