420's Hydro Soil-less Indiana Bubblegum x Darkstar Kush Grow Journal, 2021


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Well I got some clones going so I figured I'd try out posting a grow journal (mostly so others could learn from my mistakes :lot-o-toke: ) but also just for the experience as this is my first grow journal. As stated in the title this is a cross between an Indiana Bubblegum I picked up in Denver and a Darkstar Kush I ordered from a seed bank... accidents happen I suppose but this was a good accident as the Bubblegum (as I like to call it) is some of the best weed I currently have.

Well without further ado here they were a couple days ago

I messed up and underfed them when I repotted them for bloom... don't report me to the plant abuse authorities please. These are all identical genetic material taken from the same plant.

This is probably the worst of them... most burnt (yes they can burn from underfertilization at least in my experience).

I like to call these the twins.

A nice little shot of a young flowering plant... this ones less than a week into 12/12 here.

Like I said I underfed them from the get go so they will have to deal with that along the way... hopefully they will simply bounce back and finish out fine but time will tell. Here is a pic I took today... they seem to be getting better to me.

A few more of them will be joining the fray but I have them under another light due to their shorter size.

Anyway that's all I got for now... hope you enjoy the show. Please feel free to comment (anything goes)... it's all about growin some good herb to me.
Its not a burn with underfert its the mobile nutrients moving to the new growth I think. See how the top leaves look great and the lowers are fading? Nutrients move through the plant(The mobile ones). Good looking girls. Well done! :thumb:
It looks like burn to me... I have noticed that often times an overdose of any one nutrient looks almost exactly the same as an underdose of the same element.

They are starting to look better so I'm still hopeful for a good crop at this point. I messed up the fertilizer from the get go with these girls... from veg until first potted up for bloom it's been one thing or another I'm crossing my fingers that I've got everything in check so far.

Thanks for stopping by... hope I don't disappoint.
Don't know if it's important to mention but these are growing under a single MarsHydro SP3000 which I picked up after perusing this site.

There is another SP3000 right next to this one (footprints are right next to each other) so I guess the plants on the right are getting some of the spill-over from the other light but this one light is what is pretty much driving them. I must say that so far I have been very impressed with the SP3000 (must be the Samsung diodes) as I also have a TS3000 that I'm not quite as impressed with. The plants respond very nicely to the SP's light spectrum with a good healthy green.
Got a few of the original Indiana Bubblegum that will also be joining in on the fun.

I was a little less abusive with these girls (learned a lot from the Bubblegum currently in bud) and they are looking healthier than the first batch.
Couple pics from this morning... the oldest are 12 days into 12/12. Hopefully the server doesn't mash these down too much when it compresses the upload and you are left with a little detail.


Side shot


Here's a front view... camera angles can suck when you are trying to see something.


Maybe that's a preflower


Good top down of my fattest plant.

Enjoy the pics.
Well a couple of their sisters have come down from the veg room to visit... it'll be like a family reunion. Unfortunately I'm reaching capacity for the SP3000 footprint so a second light will be necessary.

They've got that same shiner I gave them with my F'd up nutrient mix during veg... put your sunglasses on girl you'll be alright.
I just wanted to mention that these plants are being grown with the minimum amount of fertilizer that I can get away with and still manage to get some decent growth. In my 35 years of smoking pot I have come to realize that chemical fertilizer will build up in the plant and affect the quality of the smoke when given in too high a dose (talking ppm's here) to the plant. Repeated dosages simply exacerbate the problem. Once fertilizer levels in the plant reach a certain amount there is no possible way to "flush out" the chemicals at the end of the grow.

I see a lot of nice looking plants on this site but most of them seem to be pumped with fertilizers and make me cringe to think about smoking them (though they do look pretty sweet for the pictures I must admit).
Repotting one of the Indiana Bubblegums (I'll just call it Indiana for short from now on)

Here's a root shot of the little Indiana


All ready for 12/12... I'm kinda wishing I hadn't added the coco coir to the mix now... it seems to be fighting with me lol
Looks great! Indiana Bubblegum is a strain I really want to grow. Looking forward to seeing how these finish.
You and me :drool: It's not the most potent strain I have ever smoked but it gives a nice mellow buzz and has some pretty fat buds on it. Makes for some nice joints.
Well here's the update... the plants are not responding quite the way I wanted them too. I'm thinking I'm still too low on the fertilizer. I started them with about 75 ppm nitrogen and have now upped them to about 100 ppm nitrogen. They should begin to respond in the next few days to the increased dosage.





Here's the little Indiana I potted up last night... she will benefit from my experience with the Bubblegum and get the increased dosage from the start. Time will tell.
Here it comes... some of the first onset of flowering... about 2 weeks into 12/12. This is all Bubblegum.




She is some of my stickiest weed. When you manicure and harvest the buds it leaves sticky hash all over your fingers... I like to call it finger hash :thanks:
Really loving the SP3000... being only 300W each I can easily scale my garden with my current needs. Thanks to @Emilya for the advice in helping to pick them out.
So here they are today... I'm thinking they can take a little more nutes. Any thoughts?


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